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   Chapter 199 Is There Someone In Her Heart

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9329

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Jesse turned to study Jean's reaction.

Sure enough, Jean's face had turned as red as an apple. Jesse tilted her head as she watched Jean. 'She does look prettier with rose-tinted cheeks.'

Aware of where her thoughts were headed, Jesse shook her head. It would not do to be distracted like this. Jesse raised an eyebrow as a thought flashed through her mind. If a woman could be so easily fascinated by Jean's charm, then the men wouldn't be able to resist Jean either. It was no wonder that Zed was attracted to her.

'Jean is not as simple and plain as she looks. She has so many qualities that make her seem so innocent, vulnerable, and mysterious. She has to be special otherwise Zed would not feel so strongly about her.'

At this thought, a sardonic smile grew on Jesse's face.

"Oh, you must be kidding! Is it necessary for us to kiss behind your back?" Noticing that Jean was too shy to speak, Zed drew everyone's attention to himself to help her out.

"Oh, Zed..." When Jean heard Zed speak of such a private matter in front of a stranger, she felt even more shy. She didn't dare to look at Jesse. Instead, she wished that the earth would open and swallow her.

Jean was surprised with how openly Zed was talking in front of Jesse. Didn't he have any shame?

Jesse felt very bitter upon hearing Zed's comment. She wondered how he'd become this kind of person. The Zed she knew was reserved and spoke very little.

"That's the truth! Jesse is not a stranger to us. We don't need to hide our affection when she is around. Besides, if speaking about these things is embarrassing to her, she would not have asked such a direct question, " Zed laughed and tried to comfort Jean. He couldn't believe how shy she was about such matters.

'Brother Zed, you know me quite well, ' Jesse thought bitterly.

Jesse plastered a fake smile on her face to hide her disappointment.

"Well, you two talk. I'm going to the kitchen to prepare our dinner, " Jean said hurriedly. She was certainly not going to sit here and speak about private matters with someone she didn't know.

"I will help you, " Zed said as he rose to accompany Jean to the kitchen. But Jesse still had something to say. And so, she stopped him.

"Brother Zed, wait a minute! I have something to talk about with you."

Zed stopped when he heard Jesse. He looked at Jean helplessly.

Jean nodded in understanding. "Go talk to Jesse. I can make dinner myself."

After that Jean released Zed's hand and walked into the kitchen.

Zed felt empty when Jean let go of her hand. It was not until Jean was out of his sight that Zed turned and walked toward the sofa. "What's the matter?" He asked Jesse as he sat down.

Jesse wrinkled her beautiful eyebrows as she wondered how to broach the subject with Zed

d explaining, "I don't know whether I love someone the way you love Jean. I'm not sure if I'm ready for marriage either. I'll think about all this later, when I'm more sure of what I want. Now, if it's all right with you, I'd like to rest for a while."

Jesse stood as she spoke. She didn't wait for Zed to reply. Jesse simply turned and walked away.

Zed frowned at Jesse's reaction. He hadn't expected her to behave like this.

'Did I say something wrong?'

Zed held his chin as he wondered whether she had misunderstood his intentions.

'Jesse said that she is too confused to know whether she really likes someone.

If I hadn't asked, she might not have thought about it.

Looking at her reaction today, it seems that she did have someone in her heart.

Otherwise, she would not look so forlorn.

Who earned beautiful Jesse's love?'

Zed thought of all the men Jesse knew. But none seemed to be her type. Since he couldn't figure it out, he decided not to think about it any more.

This endeavor would not get him anywhere.

And so, Zed stood and went to the kitchen. When he entered, he saw that Jean was wearing a genuine smile as she busied herself with dinner preparations.

He crept up behind her and circled Jean's slender waist with his big, strong arms. He rested his chin on her shoulder before turning and burying his nose in her neck. Then he inhaled the wonderful, complex smell that was unique to Jean.

"Honey, you smell good!" Zed said contentedly with his eyes closed.

"Charmer!" Jean blushed and said in embarrassment. Then she turned to check whether they were alone before continuing, "Have you finished speaking with Jesse?"

"Well, yes!" Zed nodded and sighed, "Honey, am I careless? I didn't think Jesse was in love until today! I think I may have asked her a question that she was not ready to answer."

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