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   Chapter 198 Zed, You're Making Me Cry

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7082

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"Zed, you don't trust my loyalty?" With a mocking smile on her face, Jean questioned Zed.

"You know I don't mean that. I'm not the only person in the world who admires your kindness, your beauty. Jean, I know I'm being too selfish. I don't even want any other men to take a look at you." Zed's face was shinning with a rare blush, It was not easy for him to express his feelings to her.

Jean's eyes widened with shock at Zed's word.

Not even in her imagination, Jean could have guessed Zed's feelings.

Powerful man like Zed would never confront his deep and strong feelings for Jean regardless of his own ego.

Zed was being so pitiful at that instant which was completely opposite of him because he was the kind of person who used to be arrogant in front of others.

Still in intense shock Jean looked up to Zed with tears brimming in her eyes and said, "Zed, you are almost making me cry……

Before Jean could finished her words, tears started to fell from her eyes, but a smile was present on her face.

"What happened? Did I say something to upset you?" Zed asked hastily in confusion, as he saw tears dripping from Jean's eyes.

"No, they were tears of joy. I used to lack confidence because I thought you do not like me due to our unsuitable identity and appearance

But today, I got to know your feelings about me and I want to apologize for not trusting you before. Zed, I'll never be suspicious of you ever again."

As soon as Jean finished her words, she leaped excitedly into Zed's arms.

Beyond belief, Zed was thrilled at Jean's energetic hug.

By outstretching his hands at once and with a big smile on his face, he hugged her soft body tightly, "I hope you don't think my love is too heavy for you, causing you all troubles.

Then, it's enough for me. Now that you've known my feelings for you, you have to accept my dominating love for you."

"Yes! I know!" Inclining her head firmly in Zed's arms, Jean continued, "I'll heed with caution, and try my best not to upset you. But please, Zed, you must have faith in me, alright? After all, I want to have my social life rather

so much, even falling in love with her. Why she was feeling pain at that moment instead of blessing and happiness for Zed?

'No, Jesse, you should consider Zed as your brother. And stop thinking too much.

Jean is his wife. And if he doesn't like her, he won't compromise no matter what happens.

Although, in the beginning, they were together for profit.

But, with time love comes ……'

While chuckling sadly, previously Jesse would not have believed it, but now she did.

In silence, tears fell down from her beautiful sad face.

How dumb she was to find her true feelings for Zed, wasn't she?

Earlier she was too negligent. And it never occurred to her that Zed would leave her for someone else one day.

She regretted giving him too much freedom that in the end he couldn't find his way back to her.

Jesse couldn't help closing her eyes while biting her lips with regret.

"Jesse, what's wrong with you?" Jean asked anxiously.

After their compassionate and romantic kiss, Jean walked into the living room holding Zed's arm, her face all red with shame.

At once, on seeing Jesse lying wearily on the couch, Jean noticed her sadness.

"I'm all right. I'm just a little bit tired." After a quick wipe of her face, Jesse turned to Zed with a faint smile on her face, "What took you so long to come in? Am I an eyesore here that preventing you two to be close?" said Jesse lively.

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