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   Chapter 197 Dogs Can Never Change Their Preference For Bones

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8918

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Since the night, she heard Zed talking with Jesse on the phone, Jean was intentionally keeping a proper distance with Zed.

Jean had no reason to worry, since Jesse explained that her relationship with Zed was merely like a sibling and nothing more. Though she felt troubled whenever she saw Zed's kind face and his pampering tone towards Jesse, she kept reminding herself from stop being mean and jealous.

After all, Zed didn't hide himself from facing Jesse. He even asked her to call Jean sister-in-law.

If he had any kinda feelings for Jesse, he definitely would not have allowed her to live in villa with them. If that was the case, none of them would feel comfortable.

Now that Zed was acting so open-minded and liberal, there was no reason for Jean to be small-minded and keep pondering on things.

"Okay, I will take care of tonight's dinner to comfort your stomach." Jean knew it was not what Zed wanted. She consciously misinterpreted his meaning and responded in a generous manner.

Zed understood just from Jean's words that she was still in bad temper. Feeling helpless from Jean's wilfulness, Zed moved close to her and held her cheeks with his palms before looking into her eyes and asking with tenderness, "You know I didn't mean that, you must be feeling shy, aren't you?"

Jean, Zed's little wife, unexpectedly became attractive for Zed because of her shyness, which was filling his heart with all the burning desires.

"Who said that I am shy? Well, it's nonsense to argue with you like this." As Jean responded, her face was flushing in all red. After removing her head from Zed's hands, she hurriedly moved away.

As Jean was passing by the spot where Shirley and Winner were standing, she noticed that they were looking at her with great interest. The touching and warm feeling she was experiencing a minute before instantly vanished.

Jean made herself unreadable by restraining her feelings. And instead of going away, she stood by the side quietly, waiting for Zed's speech.

Zed followed Jean into the room and came face to face with them. He glanced over to Jean before speaking with a poker face in an unwelcoming scary voice, "Shirley, when you go back home, tell Henry, for Jean's sake, this is the last time I am showing mercy on all of you and letting you go. But I need you to promise me that you will not show up here any more, and you will not cause any trouble or do any of the annoying things. Otherwise, I will not show any leniency to anyone. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, I do." After hearing Zed's words, Shirley's eyes were wet, but she felt relieved and happy and quickly said, "Thank you for letting us go. You

interrupted Zed.

After this conversation, car went into complete silence. As they arrived at the villa, Jesse was the first one to get out of the car to move all the luggage into the house. Jean proceeded to help her. But Zed stopped her immediately.

Jean raised her head and looked at Zed. Zed's behavior was confusing her.

"I know I was a little rough earlier. My words were little heavy for you. I hope it didn't hurt you. Please don't take them seriously." Zed explained in an embarrassed tone.

"Never mind, I will not take them seriously. I know that you were saying them because you truly care for me." A smile suddenly appeared on Jean's face. She looked at Zed with her eyes twinkling with lights.

Jean never expected Zed to apologize. It was such an unusual scene that as if sun rose from a wrong direction.

"Jean, can you make me a promise?" Zed asked Jean as he felt that Jean was in a better mood.

Jean nodded with the bright smile on her face, "Just say it…"

"Don't go to hospital so frequently." Zed's voice was so low that as a mosquito was buzzing. His face was also not serene. "Even though I know the truth that your visit to Moore is because you feel guilty for him, however, anybody else wouldn't easily believe so, " Zed added.

As soon as Zed's words were out, the smile on Jean's face was gone. She looked at Zed in disbelief.

Jean had always known that Zed didn't want her to get close to other men, but, she never expected him to be so strict.

Though it was all because of Shirley, as she had intentionally mentioned this thing to trigger Zed's jealousy, it was really unforgivably wrong of Zed to not trust Jean.

Jean was his wife. Mutual trust was the base for a married relationship. Didn't Jean deserve Zed's trust?

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