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   Chapter 196 I Will Let You Have It

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7125

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But, the Wen family continued to go too far and cross the line. Not only had they kidnapped her grandmother, they also deliberately gave a dirty meaning to her relationship with Moore after they saw Jean visiting him.

If she didn't teach them a lesson, who knew what else they would do in the future.

"Huh? What does he mean?" Zed turned to Jean and asked with a frown on his face.

Though he knew clearly that Jean came to visit Moore and that they were innocent, Jean was too careless that now, the evil Shirley was using it to spin destructive stories against her.

Shirley has been known to have an evil tongue. Jean knew this as well.

She could have been more careful.

Jean was stunned. She didn't expect Zed to ask her. She merely replied, "It is purely a set up. Shirley used my visit to Moore to sabotage our relationship and tear us apart."

Jean was clearly aware of the situation.

Zed nodded, satisfied with Jean's explanation. He turned his cold stare on to Shirley, "So that is what you also wanted to say?"

All this time, Shirley had been frantically trying to come up with something to turn the situation around to her favor. She got nothing. She just shivered, looked at Zed and kept shaking her head.


It's like the cat got her tongue. She couldn't speak another single word.

Damn it. Was she wrong this time? Seeing Zed's protective attitude toward Jean, she knew that it would be impossible to go further today. It might only make it worse for her.

"I am just concerned about your relationship. If there really was nothing between them, then I must have seen it wrongly. Now that you are here to pick up your wife, I won't bother either of you any more." Shirley forced a smile and turned to leave.

Winner had not completely processed in his head what just happened. He looked at Shirley's quick receding back, looked towards Zed and Jean, then back at Shirley.

"Wait..." Zed yelled out at Shirley.

Confused, she turned around and asked stiffly, "Brother-in-law, is there anything else?"

"You seem to have forgotten what I have told you last time. I have warned you

is my doing. They deserve it. But, Zed, anyway, I am of the Wen family. No matter how bad our relationships are, I don't want to take advantage of their precarious situation.

Zed, I believe that after this, the Wen family would no longer retrieve its glorious past. As long as we make clear our attitude not to harm them and they promise not to get in our way, I think this time Shirley would definitely learn her lesson and behave well. Why not let the trouble disappear rather than solve it by yourself? What do you think?"

Jean implored sincerely, looking at her husband's eyes.

"I don't know what to do with you." Zed couldn't help but caress the back of her head and stare at her with his soft eyes, "What else could I do? I have to give in to your request, since you have successfully convinced me."

"Zed, you are such a wonderful man!" Hearing Zed's answer, Jean was overcome with joy and excitement.

Seeing her face blushing, Zed swallowed and held her close. "Jean, now that I have promised not to touch your family, you will have to serve me well tonight."

Zed's face was flirtatious. He gazed at Jean with soft eyes, and then gently lifted her cheeks and leaned on her forehead.

Warm breath was exhaled on her face. The mist carried his strong hormones flying in the air.

Jean's face turned red and she lowered her head trying to hide her own excitement, looking forward to that night.

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