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   Chapter 195 How Dare You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7228

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Winner rushed to Jean and raised his fists, looking very fierce.

With Shirley, he won't easily do such a thing.

After all they came from the same womb. Jean had nobody but herself.

There was no bond between Winner and Jean. If she dares to mess with him, he could spin out of control and hurt her. She could end up like a pile of trash in the corner.

"Who are you trying to teach a lesson?" A deep and displeased voice came out of nowhere. Winner's waving fists froze in the air. Fear and awkwardness was written all over his face.

Shirley was shocked and her face turned pale as she stared with disbelief at the man who just arrived.

Zed had come with Jesse and he strode towards them. He wasn't even trying to hide his anger.

He walked up to Winner and hovered over him, giving him an upfront cold stare. "Winner Wen, how dare you try to hurt my wife in my absence."

Winner panicked. He was so scared that he didn't know how to respond.

All he could do was stand there like a statue and waited for Shirley to step in to defend him.

Unfortunately for him, Shirley avoided eye contact instantly, pretending not to have seen any of it.

Winner could only stare with bulging eyes and explained in a quivering whisper, "We were just having fun......"

"Having fun? If I came a minute later, would your fist have landed on my wife's face? I saw everything with my own two eyes. You still have the guts to lie to me?" Winner could almost see steam coming out the top of Zed's head.

Jean had already renounced the Wens, yet they still came here and tried everything to gang up on her and bully her.

This made Zed boil with anger.

It seemed that if he didn't teach them an unforgettable lesson, they would never learn.

"You...... Why are you here?" Jean asked, looking confused.

She wasn't expecting Zed and Jesse to come to the hospital.

"Zed was concerned, knowing that you were going to be alone here at the hospital, so we came to pick you up and we can go home together." Jesse explained with a smile.

Shirley who had stayed silent was also confused when she saw Jesse.

Just now when she saw Zed and Jesse coming

lirting with another man in the ward! You also said that you couldn't look directly at them because they were so intimate. You tell Zed now so that he is aware that he is being taking advantage of by Jean." The dumb little brother must know when to shut his mouth.

"You......" Shirley glared at Winner. If she could stride over to him and pound his face with a hammer, she would.

Now that Jean could say something like that in front of Zed, it meant that what Shirley originally thought about her was not true.

But Winner was so stupid that he now made it worse.

If Jean and the man were innocent, then this would be very unfortunate for her to be wrongly accused.

Jesse was befuddled until she heard it all. A look of "I know that" showed on her face.

She walked to Jean and whispered, "Are these your family? They are so weird."

Their hostility was so evident. It made no sense for Jean to let them gang up on her so easily.

"I know! It's so embarrassing!" Jean smiled bitterly.

"Rest assured, Zed will help you take care of this. They won't bother you any more." Jesse patted Jean on the shoulder to comfort her. "You can't be too kind to people like them. Otherwise, they will keep pestering you."

"I know." A feeling of bitterness came over Jean. She tried to smile but it barely showed as she hung her head low.

Jean had thought that renouncing them would be the only way to keep herself out of trouble.

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