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   Chapter 194 Odd Siblings

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7996

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"Sister, what kind of lover? I thought Jean married Zed. Are you saying that she is still hooking up with other men?"

With his eyes gleaming, Winner asked with heightened curiosity.

At that moment, Jean had to admit that Shirley and Winner were born from the same mother.

They were just two of a kind. Both of them liked gossiping and turning black into white.

Didn't they just quarrel with each other last night? Shirley had humiliated Winner the other day. But Winner eventually, intimately called her sister as if nothing had happened.

'Either Winner is too dumb or Shirley is too strong and therefore a bully.

Is Winner so afraid of her that he dares not piss her off?' Jean thought to herself.

Anyway, for whatever reason, both of them sort of joined forces and gang up on her. Evidently, Jean would gain no advantage in this relationship.

"You know, Jean even had an affair with some guy at this hospital. You didn't see how intimate they were. They were too cozy with each other. My cheeks flushed with what I saw. Oh my god! If Zed finds out about this, do you think that this person whom you hate the most, can still enjoy a life of luxury while our family wallows in poverty, going through the most difficult time?"

Shirley winked towards her brother, hinting that she was talking about Jean.

Winner jumped up with excitement. He looked Jean up and down as he childishly whistled. "Jean, you little minx. I haven't thought that you could be so shrewd. You even dare to sneak out and have an affair with another man behind your husband's back......

"Winner, listen up." Instead of getting furious, Jean smiled, looked at Winner and kindly explained, "Let me remind you for the sake of your slow brain. Be very careful, not to be taken advantage of by others. You must know if someone is already using you, you will suffer a lot and regret it."

Jean had figured out what Shirley was up to.

She knew that Shirley only wanted to provoke Winner so that he, in retaliation, would enrage her. Then, she could find Zed to ruin their relationship.

'Whatever. Go and find Zed if you wish!' Jean didn't care at all.

'Just do what you want to do, ' Jean muttered to herself.

However, Jean really despised Shirley and had low regard of her. Because of her, even the innocent Winner had started becoming a menace.

As time had proven, Shirley would slyl

, or else he would have immediately swung his fist at Shirley.

Shirley was smart. Just now she spoke to Winner with such harsh words, because she was agitated by Jean.

However, Winner was just a boy and had nothing much to do all day long, so his energy would never drain.

Shirley didn't want to overly annoy him. If she did, she would end up in the gutter.

"Winner, you and I are siblings. My bad. I was so angry that I spoke without meaning them. Please forgive me, ok? As you know, both of us think exactly the same about Jean and want to unite together to pull her down. Now she can never take advantage of you ever again. You very well know that she often treats us with contempt. That's because her powerful husband, Zed backs her up. Hence, do remember not to be silly."

Shirley changed her voice and kindly persuaded Winner.

Jean couldn't help but clap and cry out when she saw that the situation turned against her so fast.

Shirley acted both repulsively and pleasingly in front of Winner within an insanely short span of time.

She could easily be an actress. It was a pity that she wasn't.

Winner slowly calmed down and took a glance at Jean in bewilderment. At last, he looked at Shirley.

Jean signed again. It came as no surprise that Winner could easily be swayed by Shirley, the one who had always dominated him.

Shirley was indeed the master of manipulation, whereas Winner was simple-minded enough to be her puppet.

"Jean, you son of bitch. You even dare to alienate me from my sister. I will teach you a lesson that you'll never forget......"

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