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   Chapter 192 Get The Hell Out of Here

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7078

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Hearing someone shout from behind, the two people in the ward frowned and turned to see who was making a scene.


Jean curled one's lip in derision. Cheat on Zed? She never thought that something like this could come out of Shirley.

Shirley was blaming her for something Jean hadn't even done. Nor had she bothered to check whether it was true. Jean thought that Shirley's actions could be construed as slander.

"Who are you?" Moore felt displeased. Who was this sharply dressed woman who had no control of her mouth?

"Shirley Wen, this is the patient's room. Please get out, you are annoying to the patient." Jean meant business and asked her to get out.

"Is my being in your way making you angry, Jean? Jean, how could you be so shameless? Zed treats you so well. How can you go behind his back to see another man and cry in front of him? If you still want to deny your immoral behaviour, then I have got nothing to say, " said Shirley with a smirk on her face. Still standing in the doorway, a smug Shirley crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Seeing her get more and more unreasonable, Jean angrily stood up from the chair, walked up to Shirley and swung her hand back to smack her in the face.

Shirley had been slapped once. This time after verbally humiliated Jean on purpose, she was prepared for what was coming next.

She grabbed Jean's hand mid-way and gritted her teeth, "What are you going to do, my sister? You think, I didn't see that coming? For the sake of our relationship, I won't tell Zed. But you need to have some self respect. Don't let Zed get sick of you and kick you out of his house..."

"Don't worry about that." Jean resisted her grip and stared hard at her step sister. "If you don't want to embarrass yourself, get the hell out of here right this minute."

"Ok, ok, I'll leave you two alone." Shirley giggled out of spite and walked past Jean towards the sickbed. She looked Moore up and down, and said, "Handsome! I advise you better not to get romantic with my sister. She's married and if you do not want Zed to know, I think you'd better get it over w

conversation and said, "Moore, what do you do for a living? It's rare for me to see a man with such eloquence, are you a lawyer?"

Jean asked all inquisitive.

"Why do I have to be a lawyer to be eloquent?" Moore looked at her in a jovial manner, "I'm from business management."

"The police were trying to contact your family but failed. Did you just return from abroad?" Recalling what the police had said about his family, Jean was about to ask but Moore anticipated this.

"Yes. From Chicago." In fact, he wasn't trying to hide anything. He revealed, "I am an orphan and was adopted by my foster parents who gave me the best education they could offer. But they were gone before I could return the favor."

"Were your parents from H City?" What she heard next was quite a surprise…

"No, they were foreigners. back then...... though I was a kid but I have a hazy memory of H City. After graduation, I wanted to come here and see......"

Speaking about this, a pall hung over Moore.

Jean regretted the zone in which the conversation was going

And now she had hit a nerve.

"I never thought I would be hit by a car." Soon Moore looked up at Jean and smiled.

Jean was speechless. How could someone smile at the very person who injured him.

"It was careless of me to run the red light and have talk to my friend on the phone, so......" Moore sighed and looked at Jean apologetically.

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