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   Chapter 191 I Finally Caught You Cheating On Zed

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8546

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As soon as Jean saw Shirley, she looked for a way to avoid her. But it was too late. Shirley had spotted Jean.

"Sis..." Shirley's voice echoed in the hallway. A number of people turned to see who had shouted in a hospital.

Giving in to the situation, Jean faced Shirley who was straight ahead.

Red in the face, Shirley was breathing loudly as anger rose inside her. Resenting Jean, she said, "The hospital says dad's situation is stable now but they want us to leave." Her eyes pierced through Jean's calm expression and implored her to join her in fighting the hospital against this move.

How come?

When Jean had heard the nurse say that Henry was almost half dead, she expected him to be in a terrible condition at the moment.

Listening to what Shirley had just told her, she turned to the nurse.

Jean's curious gaze was noticed by the nurse. In a displeased tone, the nurse informed her, "You can't afford the medical bills. If we don't ask you to leave, what choice are we left with? You can't continue to stay here without paying your bills."

They couldn't afford the medical bills?

The Wen family was never so poor, irrespective of land or no land, that they could not afford Henry's medical bills.

Suddenly, Jean began to laugh and asked, "Nurse, is there a misunderstanding here?"

How was that possible that the Wen family cannot afford to pay Henry's medical bills?

"There's no misunderstanding. We... indeed can't afford dad's hospital bills anymore. You have no idea how much the hospital has charged for dad's medicine, nursing and other medical bills. His stay has used up all the cash we had." Shirley could feel her ears burning as she took her half-sister aside to explain how their fortunes had reversed. Shirley acted as if it were truly unfortunate and she had no part to play in their 'poverty'.

"Shirley, do you take me for an idiot? No matter how poor the Wen family is, how come you can't afford just tens of thousands of dollars?"

Before Henry got into the hospital, weren't the Wen family all dressed in luxury designer labels? Didn't you all dine at high-end exclusive restaurants? Jean shook her head with disbelief.

"I just said we can't. Jean, you think it to be impossible, right?" A vicious look appeared on Shirley's face as she stared at Jean and said, "It's all because of you. You cut off your relationship with us in front of the Qi family. What do you think that means to a person who bends where the wind is blowing?

Yes. Without that land, the Wen family was supposed to only f

how Moore was on his way to recovery and she need not worry. In fact, it had been several hours since Moore woke up. Approaching his ward with hope, Jean opened the door quietly.

As Moore noticed the delicate face of Jean peep in, the corners of his lips twitched into a sweet smile. He delightfully asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm worried about you. So here I am." Jean answered with an infectious smile. She walked to his bedside, grabbed a chair and sat down facing his excited but pale face.

"What's there to worry about? I'm not a child. Besides, Doctor Elian said that as long as I take good rest, I'll recover soon. If you have other issues to deal with, you can go ahead." Seeing her dressed in a formal peach chiffon blouse and a teal pencil skirt, Moore thought that perhaps she was on her way to work. She wondered what she did for a living though.

Remorse were still entwined in Jean's joy of seeing an alive Moore. His considerateness and smiling nature was something she least expected at this time. The fact that he didn't blame her at all was something she couldn't even begin to fathom.

Jean also learnt that Moore had asked to be taken off anesthesia, although he could hardly take the pain. He knew being completely drug-free would help him heal as soon as possible.

Seeing him endure this degree of pain and tell her not to inconvenience herself was too self-effacing for even Jean. Thinking of this, Jean began to quitely weep overwhelmed by the niceness of the person she had hit two days ago.

"Why have you started crying all of a sudden?" Moore instantly panicked at seeing her tears.

"What a slut, Jean! I have finally caught you cheating on Zed..."

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