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   Chapter 190 Are You Game

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7726

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'How did Jean change her attitude towards Jesse in such a short period of time?'

Before, although Jean hadn't said anything, Zed was very clear that Jean was unhappy on Jesse's sudden arrival.

'What happened to Jean just now?'

Zed was curious. But even if he wanted to know the reason, he wouldn't ask Jean or Jesse.

His heart soared with joy on seeing both the women happy with their arms linked. After all, both of them were most important to him and he wouldn't want to be in a position where he would have to chose one over the other.

Before the shift in Jean's attitude, his feelings were in a turmoil. He had always treated Jesse as his little sister and hoped that the relationship between Jean and Jesse was friendly.

Naturally, when Jesse came visiting, Zed hoped that Jean too would welcome her amicably.

Still he wondered why Jean started to give him a cold shoulder two nights ago? He speculated on what was it that he said or did that made her seriously upset.

Even on Jesse's arrival, Zed secretly hoped to see Jean jealous of Jesse. In a way, getting jealous of another woman in Zed's life meant she loved him and cared for him.

And yet, he didn't want them to not get along. It was important that both found a friend in each other and kept peace around him.

Surprisingly, everything was going smooth now.

His wife had sorted out all friction between her and Jesse. In fact, she began to treat him better as well.

Lost in his happy thoughts, Zed's appetite was also hearty. He enjoyed his meal thoroughly and kept on glancing with a twinkle in his eye in his wife's direction.

After lunch, they all sat in the car to their way downtown.

"Jean, since Moore has already woken up, you will have to make a written declaration this afternoon. Remember, going through the procedure is important." Zed said seriously while driving the car.

"Okay." Seated in the passenger seat, Jean nodded silently.

Sitting at the back, Jesse followed what Zed spoke to Jean. She was already in the know about it. Touching Jean lightly on the shoulder, she smiled and said: "Don't worry. Everything will be fine. Zed is there for you and will deal with everything well."

Normally speaking, in the event of a major car accident, the driver was promptly placed under police cus

huckled. "During our free time on the weekends, we can go out to have fun. Maybe there, you can get clicked by Jean if she is inclined."

"Bingo!" Jesse grinned from ear to ear on hearing that.

Put in a spot by the two, Jean exhaled a slow breath. She thought, 'Who could say no to Jesse, who is always happy as a child?

But what has gotten into Zed? Why is he interfering and promising Jesse without my consent?'

"Jean, are you game?" In her excitement, Jesse still noticed that Jean hadn't said anything, so thought it better to ask.

Jean raised her head and smiled: "Of course. It's time for me to leave you two as the hospital is nearby. "

The luxury car drove in the hospital's entrance and Zed stopped right outside the emergency wing. As Jean got off, she stood on the curb to wave them goodbye.

Concerned, Zed asked again: "Do you want me to come with you to see Moore? Maybe I can help you if there is anything."

"No, it's ok. You promised to go downtown with Jesse anyway!" Jean waved at them again and turned around. Crunching the gravel under the tires, Zed reversed the car and helplessly headed for the gate.

Zed's mood was complicated and he regretted not being with Jean.

Guilt was also nagging him at the back of his head since he had promised Jesse without asking Jean.

An upset Zed wondered if this had made Jean unhappy too.

Jean, on the other hand, strode in the corridor where she last saw Winner. Walking some paces ahead, she saw Shirley arguing with a nurse at the nurse's station.

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