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   Chapter 189 They Were Childhood Sweethearts

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8197

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Jean paused, waiting for Jesse to reply. However, only silence was left. Jean opened her mouth again. "I will get straight to the point here. If Zed loves you, I am ready to divorce him to do you both a favor. All I need to know is the truth. Be up front with me and you can do whatever you like as long as you do not disgust me. Please understand that I am saying all of this because I can't stand you any longer. I will do anything to stop the charade that both of you put up of being siblings when all I see is how amorously you are involved. What's the point of pretending something else? I feel burnt out and don't feel like wasting my time on this boring game with you."

"Jean, I…. I think you have misunderstood..." With her mouth slightly open and eyes big and wide, Jesse stared at Jean in surprise. An agitated and shaking Jean too hadn't expected these words to come out of Jesse's mouth.

But possessed by her suspicions, Jean laughed bitterly. What was wrong with Jesse, since she had put it so clearly?

Was she retarded or was she still keeping up her act?

"Do you like Zed?" Letting out a deep breath, Jean looked Jesse straight in the eye and asked.

"Yes, I do." With colour rising to Jesse's cheeks, Jesse said, "Zed and I were childhood sweethearts. We grew up together. If I don't like him, why would I keep calling him brother Zed?"

"Since you were childhood sweethearts, you must have a good relationship. Hearing that Zed is going to marry, you came to see whether I was a perfect match to your brother Zed. This is the reason why you came, right?" Licking her lips, Jesse held her temper and sighed.

"Yes. Zed's father and mother told us that Zed is married. His mother speaks highly of you. So does his father recognize you as his daughter-in-law. If both of them have embraced you with open arms, I have no doubt that you are the best." With her chin pointing upwards and a clear expression on her face, Jesse answered all questions truthfully.

"But after you saw me, you must have changed your mind. First of all, I don't come from an impressive background like yours. And of course, I don't have drop-dead gorgeous looks like you. I am hardly what you'd call sweet-tempered and I run out of patience before you could even say the word 'patience'. Listen, I get why you think I don't deserve Zed. Don't deny it. When we first met, you had told this to me already."

The scowl on Jean's face stayed though

sunnily and quickly took her hand with a grin, "Thank you, Jean."

At this moment, all the suspicion and misunderstandings between them had been cleared.

Jean smiled pleasantly and went into the dinning room with Jesse.

Zed, sitting on the host's seat, saw the two women coming in, hand in hand. He was stunned to see the sight and looked at Jean to read what was happening.

At a closer glance, Jean seemed to be genuinely smiling. This brought a smile to Zed too, who said, "Come here. Please have a seat and enjoy yourself."

As the ladies approached the table, Zed stood up to pull the chair for Jean. As his wife turned to sit, their eyes met and a current of warmth passed between them.

Jean was in a cheerful mood and seated herself smilingly.

Zed turned to Jesse. Before he could pull her chair, Jesse had deflty taken her seat.

"Brother Zed, it's only a lunch. You don't have to bother. I am not used to seeing you behave in such a polite manner. Please sit down! I'm having goosebumps looking at you like this." Mischief was palpable in Jesse's eyes as she remarked on Zed's chivalrous behaviour. She quickly picked up a sweet and sour rib with chopsticks and bit into it.

Seeing Jesse wolfing down the food, regardless of her stunning looks, Jean's doubts got cleared.

"Right. Let's eat!" Jean served Zed his favorite fish in his bowl, and said, "I am going to the hospital after lunch. You go shopping with Jesse."

Zed was overwhelmed and touched by Jean's understanding of him and Jesse. He was even more surprised after hearing her last words before she pushed down a savoury piece of meat.

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