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   Chapter 188 Dainty Like A Rabbit

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6966

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How ridiculous! If this were the case then Jean would admit that she was blind.

But on the contrary, their relationship was just as vague as she had imagined. And so, her last hope for her marriage with Zed crumbled when she heard what Jesse had just said.

'I don't care if I get married or not. I still have you.'

How could Jesse say that? Didn't she see Jean there?

Shocked to the bone, Zed shook his head in disbelief at Jesse's words. His face grew cold and his first impulse was to check how Jean reacted.

"Jesse, how can you use such meaningful words casually?"

Zed scolded Jesse without wasting a moment as he saw Jean looked unhappy at Jesse's words.

The realization that what she had said was inappropriate in front of Jean dawned upon Jesse after she had said them without thinking them through. In her childish manner, Jesse stuck out her tongue and apologized, "Jean, please don't misunderstand me! I am used to joking with brother Zed. Don't take it seriously."

"Certainly not. I admire your relationship so much." After that, Jean was choked with emotion and then started walking towards the door.

"Jean..." Without thinking, Zed grabbed hold of Jean as she passed him by. Quick to react, Jean interrupted Zed before he could give her any explanation.

"You give company to Jesse. I want to go for a walk in the garden alone." A matter-of-fact Jean looked past Zed.

"Jean..." Even if there were times when Zed was slow on the uptake, this time he knew Jean was unhappy. He could not help explaining with emphasis, "You must have misunderstood. I think of Jesse only as my sister, and she also regards me as her brother. It has been a habit to joke like this."

"Really?" Jean looked up and stared at Zed, and sighed as he nodded with earnestness.

'Zed, you are blunt because you are involved, but I am not.

Be it your tone or your interaction with her, they all fall within a grey territory.

Maybe you don't want to admit it but the facts are there in plain view for all to see.'

"I'd like to go for a walk in the garden, " Jean t

will disappoint you.'

"Why did you come here? Didn't Zed accompany you?" With a smile on her face, Jean looked Jesse up and down and asked.

"Jean, you're not angry with me because I just said something wrong, are you? I was sorry to see you leave the living room. I wanted to explain to you, but brother Zed advised me not to disturb your calm. And so..."

Jesse bit her lip and was at a loss.

"I am not angry." Jean looked at Jesse's innocent face with some amusement. Jesse was too unskilled to play tricks in front of her.

Even before Jesse, both Eva and Selena had done a lot to destroy their marriage.

'This time, except for Zed protecting you, all that passed in front of my eyes was a free show and nothing more, ' Jean thought carelessly.

"It's a good thing that you're not angry, or I would have been very sad." A sweet smile spread on Jesse's face.

Jean read it as hypocritical and wanted to pretend that she didn't see it.

But she couldn't bear it. She didn't have the patience to play games with her.

"Jesse, I don't care what intention you have with Zed, but please don't pretend to be innocent in front of me. I don't know what relationship you had with Zed before. I am not interested in knowing either, " Jean drew a deep breath in and continued with sincerity, "You can do whatever you like, but can you just stop showing off in front of me?"

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