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   Chapter 187 I Still Have You If No One Wants Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6318

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"That's right! Back then, there were dozens of kids in the big yard. But Miss Tang cared for nobody. She would only follow Mr. Zed almost as if she were his shadow. The camaraderie between them is legendary. They have always gotten along over the years. When Mr. Zed went aboard to study, Miss Tang would visit him every month."

The movement of Jean drinking milk stopped and she stared in the distance deep in thought.

'When Zed was studying overseas, Jesse flew to meet him on a monthly basis.

This is way beyond a brother-sister relationship.

Why is it then that during the first few months of my marriage to Zed, I didn't see her in the H City?'

Confused as Jean was, it would be a bad timing to interrupt Zelda.

"At that time, the Qis and the Tangs were happy about Mr. Zed and Miss Tang. They thought that when they came of age they would get married. However......"

Speaking about this, Zelda got really emotional and blue.

"What happened?" Jean was surprised and asked.

Zelda stole a glance at Jean and an embarassed look played on her face as if she had come to her senses. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Jean, I should not have gossiped about that with you, " Zelda apologized.

"Zelda, you were just telling me about Zed's past. How could it be gossiping?" Jean smiled and said, "After all, we just got married, I have not known him as much as I'd like to. I couldn't be happier hearing that he gets along so well with Jesse."

"Mrs. Jean, the past is in the past, don't overthink this. It's my fault that I talked too much." Saying that, Zelda slapped herself in the face.

"Zelda, stop that, you are making me feel bad for you. How about this, I will forget the things you said today and you can let this go?" Jean comforted Zelda and smiled.

Relief swept Zelda as she looked at Jean and said: "Mrs. Jean, it's really big of you. Besides, there is nothing that

father Grandpa. It is just that Jean is my peer. Besides, don't you think it makes Jean old if I call her sister-in-law?" Jesse widened her eyes and argued.

"You got me." Zed had no choice but to sigh, "Here is the deal. It's okay if you want to stay here and live for a few days. Just behave yourself and don't mess around."

"What do you mean I have to behave myself? And what do you mean 'mess around'?" Jesse stamped discontently and muttered.

"If you don't get a hold on your tantrum, I doubt you will be able to get married." Zed said and pampered.

"I don't care if I get married or not. I still have you." Jesse replied carelessly.

These words out of Jesse startled Jean who was standing by them all this while quietly.

Jean tried to be a calm observer from a distance as she was figuring out whether the relationship between Zed and Jesse was what she thought it is.

Zed's gentle voice and attitude towards Jesse meant that he treated her like a princess.

And the attitude of Jesse's towards Zed was of complete trust. She was so free that she chould play cute with him without any inhibitions.

The delicacy of Jesse was evident.

Was there nothing about romance between them? Did they take each other as brother and sister?

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