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   Chapter 186 Is Their Relationship Pure And Simple

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8310

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The innocent babydoll-looking Jesse must have been good at making a fool out of Jean.

So was Zed, but he was trickier. It was by choice that he deceived Jean into believing that his relationship with Jesse was like a sibling's.

There was no reason for Jean to doubt what Zed had just told her. His care for Jesse as more than that for a little sister couldn't be reproached.

'Fine, both of you are good at pulling the wool over my eyes.'

These thoughts flitted inside Jean's heads and worsened her spirits. She deliberately yawned and covered her mouth with her hand.

"I am sleepy. I am going to bed."

Jean began to lie down but Zed grasped her hand.

He cupped her face in his warm, soft hands and gave her a kiss on the cheek. This came as a shock to Jean. In a calm tone, Zed said: "Go and have a good sleep. Don't get cranky unnecessarily."

Jean felt his warm breath as if her face was brushed by a feather. Still, anger mounted inside and she said, 'Zed, are you shameless?

You let a stranger, a young woman stay at home, but tell me not to get cranky.

How hypocritical and vile can you really be!'

Jean tried to stay as blank as possible though she was rather furious. Then, she said: "You must go to work without any delay! I am really very sleepy......"

"Alright. Once I am back after work, I will take both of you to eat out some delicious food." Zed took a deep look at Jean. He had no choice and forced himself to turn around to leave though he discerned that she didn't look well.

'Both of you?'

Jean sneered at the thought. She crawled into bed and stared at the ceiling for not a wink of sleep came to her.

'There is clearly something here. Zed got Jesse home as if it is par for the course. Perhaps, I wouldn't stay in the Qi family for very long.'

The delicate supple features of Jesse's haunted Jean. She looked like a Hollywood star, she thought.

Jean knew where she was going with this. She tried hard to resist this line of thought and not think of Zed and Jesee's relationship in a negative light. After all, Zed still treated her as before and there was no change in his attitude towards her or the way he spoke to her.

But then Zed's gentle voice that she heard in his study that night came to her. She couldn't shake off the fact that she had never heard Zed speak to anyone so gently.

'Does Zed really treat Jesse like a little sister like he said?

Is their relationship pure and simple?'

Jean thought to h

is anything to eat."

Jean walked towards the kitchen.

"Jean......" Jesse called her from behind. Her face got redder as she looked at Jean in confusion. "Are you angry?"

"Why would I? I am hardly worried since Zed will go shopping with you." Cutting their conversation short, Jean walked into the kitchen.

Zelda was busy preparing lunch. Seeing Jean come in, she hurriedly greeted her with a smile: "Mrs. Jean, you are awake. Before Mr. Zed left, he specifically asked me to cook you some chicken soup. He said you need it the most right now to replenish your tired body."

This way of showing concern warmed Jean's heart. "That's nice. Please stew it a little more, so that I can take some soup to the hospital as well."

"Has that man regained his senses?" Zelda had brought food to the hospital yesterday. It was natural for her to be asking after Moore.

"Yes, he has come out of coma, Zelda." Jean took out a carton of milk from the fridge and drank straight from it.

Seeing this, Zelda hurriedly asked: "Mrs. Jane, you must be very hungry! I will cook you a meal right away.

Ignoring what the cook had just said, Jean asked: "Zelda, Jesse said that you have watched her grow up. Has she...... been so lovely and appealing since she was a little kid?" Jean asked Zelda while drinking her milk.

Washing the vegetables, Zelda unknowingly smiled. "Miss Tang has been very pretty since childhood. Adding to that, she has always had an even temper. Everyone living in that big yard has liked Miss Tang very much through all these years."

"Oh? Many people like her?" Tilting her head, Jean enquired Zelda in great astonishment.

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