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   Chapter 185 What's The Relationship Between You Two

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8317

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The Wen family had only themselves to blame for what happened to them.

The morally upright Jean never had a place at home, ever since her mother passed away.

The situation became worse after her stepmother Joy gave birth to Shirley and Winner. Ever since, they were thought of as children of the Wen family, and she was the fifth wheel.

To add insult to injury, Henry 'sold' her in order to rake in profit from her later.

It was only after Zed's entry into her life, that things changed for the better.

The Wens though still lived by their morally corrupt ways. Seeing them get to such a low point, Jean sighed softly but knew that they deserved it.

She did not go to see Henry even when she was right outside his hospital room. It was not because she was hard-hearted.

She had just had enough of their greed and lust, and didn't want anything to do with them.

What she could do was to keep an eye on them from a distance and constantly keep herself updated.

The loyal Jean had resolved to never make trouble for Zed.

As for the Wen family, they could do whatever they wanted. It was none of her business to meddle in their affairs anyway.

Jean went home by car, tired and drowsy. She dragged herself to the guest room but smelled a whiff of perfume in the air right at its entrance.

A wide-eyed Jean couldn't fathom its source. Worse still, when she pushed the door open, she saw a gorgeous woman with long hair lying on the big bed.

The sun was climbing up in the sky and shafts of sunlight fell on the white satin bedcover.

The unknown woman was simply lying on the bed, unaware that she was being watched by Jean. Her face could be called exquisite with porcelain skin and long lush eyelashes.

She looked like a vision, or as if she was the woman of every man's dream. Even though her eyes were closed, Jean knew it that she was a sensuous beauty.

'Come on, Zed, are you so impatient that you had to have a fling while I was out for only one night?'

Swallowing hard, Jean's shoulders slumped with all that she was witnessing in the last 48 hours. The sadness wore her down and she turned towards the door.

"Who are you?" The doorknob was in Jean's hand when she heard a velvety hesitating voice speak to her.

Jean looked behind to see that the woman had woken up and was sitting on the bed. Oh, no.

She was a young girl, to be exact.

With her elbows propped on her knees, the girl had gathered the quilt in her lap. She looked a

owards the bedroom to untangle her wet hair.

By then, Zed was dressed in his nightshirt. He strode over to Jean when he saw her coming out. Gentleman-like, he took the towel from her and offered to help her dry her hair.

With her eyes closed and her spirits up, Jean knew very well that Zed had something to say to her since he was waiting there.

After some minutes of silence, Zed spoke, "Jean, take rest at home today. You must be bone-tired after last night. Don't worry about Moore. I'll send someone to the hospital to stand guard. You first have a good rejuvenating sleep."

Tentatively, Jean opened her eyes and said in a casual tone, "Have we got a visitor at home?" I saw a beautiful girl in the guest room."

"Well, she is Jesse. She has just come back from the Imperial Capital, and will stay at our home for a couple of days." Zed answered in a matter-of-fact way.

"What…… is the relationship between you two?" Jean regretted the minute she asked the question.

She knew that nothing could convince her of the truth not even Zed's answer.

Therefore, asking him was an unnecessary move.

"The Qi and Tang family go way back and have been friends for generations. Jesse and I grew up together. Although, we aren't a brother and sister to each other, our relationship is better than what even siblings have." Turning Jean by the shoulders, Zed smiled and asked, "Are you satisfied with my answer? If you, my wife, have any other queries, just feel free to ask me anything anytime."

Zed had seen right through Jean and sensed what was on her mind. She couldn't help flushing with shame as mixed feelings tormented her heart.

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