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   Chapter 184 You Slapped Me

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"Mrs. Qi, please don't worry about it. Mr. Elian has explicitly ordered his care. This is an important patient for our hospital and I'll definitely take good care of him, " The nurse gently smiled at Jean to turn down her offer to pay her well.

"Thank you very much for all your trouble. I need to go back home and fetch some stuff. I promise I will switch duties with you as soon as I am back." An indebted Jean thanked the caregiver and began walking towards the entrance of the hospital.

Just before she arrived at the entrance, Jean saw Winner. He seemed to be sneaking around as he was walking in hurried steps in her direction.

Jean moaned to see him. After the exhaustion of the past 24 hours, she certainly didn't want to become entangled with the Wens.

Especially, not Winner! He was like a viper, full of hostility and ready to attack her any minute. And there was no stopping his bullying once he started it.

In the flash of a second, Jean took cover behind a wide ornate pillar. Once safe, she peered at him cautiously.

Apparently, Winner didn't see Jean around. Instead, he was on the look out for a familiar doctor or nurse. When he found himself among strange faces, he sighed with relief and doubled his speed. By the time he reached the corridor, he whistled and had a swagger in the way he walked.

"Hey, Mister. This is a hospital. Please maintain decorum. The patients are resting." A senior nurse scolded Winner for his ungainly behaviour.

This ruffled up Winner. But he remembered that he was in the hospital and didn't want to draw attention to himself by causing a scene. He glared hard at the nurse and spat out the words: "You old ugly hag, why don't you go to hell?"

Obviously, the nurse didn't hear his talking back as she continued to devote herself into work.

Jean stayed where she was until she saw Winner disappear from her sight. Seeing him at the hospital had got Jean confused.

It was a late hour for Winner to show up at the hospital. There must be something wrong.

'Perhaps Henry was in this hospital?'

Thinking on these lines, Jean approached the nurses' station.

"Excuse me? Does the young man who just went past come here frequently?" Jean politely smiled and asked the nurse.

The woman across the desk lowered her glasses and moved her pile of files aside to get a better view of the young woman who wore a dirty stained white shirt. After looking Jean from head to toe, she said, "Who are you?"

"I'm his half-blood sister. To be specific, I'm here to ask if Henry Wen is here in this hospital." Jean re

t Shirley had just said, Winner couldn't hold back himself any longer. He shouted at her, "The Wens are so unpeaceful all because of you. You made us miserable. When Jean was still in our family, you tried your best to bully her, set her up and make her sacrifice for our family.

Now she's gone. When you see that she married a successful man like Zed, you get jealous and envy her deep in your heart. You have no one to bully now so you take it out on me, don't you? Listen up. I am not Jean. I'm not that soft to be bullied by you. And I am the son of the Wens. You are just the unprofitable daughter. It won't be long before you get out of our family too. What belongs to the Wens is all mine. There isn't a penny left for you."

Winner's eyes flushed with rage. He shouted out loud with all his strength.

"You'd better argue with me later about the inheritance of our family estate when you still have your life! Besides, don't you know what's happening in our company right now? Even if you take it over, it won't be more than a mess." Shirley soon turned to go back and left Winner frozen in his place.

Winner was still wet behind the ears. On hearing what Shirley had just said about the Wen Group being in a sordid mess, he collapsed on the ground with no strength left.

Observing them from a distance, Jean couldn't help but shake her head. She let out a sigh.

It wasn't hard to understand why Henry was so angry for getting admitted to the hospital. Shirley and Winner had already started to fight over the Wens' property even before he was dead.

Jean felt she had got to know enough for today. Her mind was abuzz and her eyes hurt with fatigue, so she headed for the entrance of the hospital.

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