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   Chapter 183 I Will Pay You A High Salary

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7241

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Jean's fervent whispering to Moore sounded like a prayer being carried on the hushed winds of the night. The graphite black night absorbed her hope and the silence engulfed her whispers.

The sleeping caregiver woke up. She tiptoed to Jean and said: "You can go rest for some time. I will be here until then."

Jean gazed at Moore and shook her head: "I don't want to sleep. You go rest."

A strange single-mindedness possessed Jean. She couldn't take her eyes away from Moore, let alone get up from there. Seeing this, the caregiver relented and went back to sleep in the chair.

The ward was noiseless again. Moore had given Jean no reaction and she felt her spirits low.

"Moore, I have said so much. Haven't you heard any of it? Or do you like to be a deserter and abandon your life?"

Jean's tone was angry and desperate. "You are a man. How can you be irresponsible? Do you know how disappointing you are to those who love you? It was just a car accident but you can't stand it now? There are so many misfortunes and sufferings that we have to experience in our life. If you are really depressed, then you will never wake up. If you are prone to desert or want to desert all your life, this is when you will really desert the world."

Jean's heart beat rapidly and tears flooded her face.

'Yes, I know I am a deserter when I distance myself from the problems Zed and I have.

I am the real deserter! I am the real deserter! I know.

If Zed has really fallen in love with the other woman, I have to face this problem sooner or later. Evasion won't solve it.'

"Who tells you… that I'm a deserter…"

A weak, hoarse voice rang out. Jean, who was crying, immediately widened her eyes with shock and looked at the young face.

Seeing Moore blink, Jean was zapped and didn't know how to react.

"You… you…" Jean was dumbfouned. Moore was looking at her questioningly.

"I have woken up… It proves that I'm not a deserter…" Moore let out a groan as he felt his whole body torn into several tiny parts.

"Doctor… doctor…" Jean finally came to her senses. Immediately, she let go of Moore's hand and ran to the caregiver, shaking her up from

. I'm sorry for the accident that happened yesterday. I'm sorry for giving you trouble…"

Jean thought she should sincerely apologize to Moore now that he was completely in his senses.

"It's not your fault entirely. I should also take part of the responsibility." Moore shook his head gently. "You can go back to take some rest now. I want to sleep again…"

This further embarassed Jean: "Please have some rest. I will leave now."

Jean hurriedly went outside and leave Moore to himself.

Moore was overwhelmed with the entire incident.

Since he had just woken up, he was hardly in good spirits.

What's worse, the drugs were wearing off and he could feel every atom in his body in pain.

The real reason behind Moore asking for Jean to leave was that he didn't want her to see him in pain and worsen her guilt. Plus, she looked sickly herself and was in much need of rest.

'Her eyes had dark hollows under them. She must be very tired.'

As Moore shifted into a more comfortable position, his face contorted in pain. 'Oh, shit! This hurts like hell!'

Jean took off the sterile clothes and walked out of the disinfectant room. Then, she saw the caregiver approach the ward.

Jean quickly greeted her: "Verginie, as Mr. Bai has already woken up, I will go back later. Remember to call me if you have any problems. Remember to take excellent care of him and not worry about compensation. I will pay you a high salary."

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