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   Chapter 182 A Critical Time

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The chopsticks were put down on the table and Jean began to wring her hands helplessly. With lips quivering she tried to say, "But I have been looking at him all this while. Apart from his slight breath, no other signs show that he is still alive. Zed, it is I who made him suffer. If it were not for my carelessness, he would have been fine right now..."

It took Jean a great deal of strength to finish her sentence. Right after, her shoulders shook with grief as she buried her face in her hands.

"What nonsense are you saying?" The very sight of Jean crying pierced Zed's heart. With an excited breath, he said, "This is not all your fault. If he had walked by paying more attention to the traffic, such a serious traffic accident would not have happened."

Zed's consolation wasn't hollow. He said this after he had done due diligence through his secretary who went to the police station to know the complete details of the accident.

As Jean's car sped towards Moore, he was busy answering a phone call. Unaware of his surroundings, he crossed the street when the signal for pedestrians was red-lit.

Therefore, technically, both Jean and Moore were equally accountable for the accident.

Though, what turned the law against Jean's favour was that she hit Moore. Worse still he was an overseas Chinese, which made a stronger set of laws protect him.

"It is not Moore's fault..." Jean shook her head and choked through tears.

Her guilt was gnawing her from the inside. If she could, she would lie in place of Moore in the ICU. The wait for Moore to wake up was a slow torture for her.

"It will be fine. You must not think about this too much. There are still fifteen hours for Moore to wake up, right? It will be alright. God can feel your kindness and purity, so he will help wake Moore up." Zed knew that if he continued to say anymore, Jean's sorrow would become deeper. So he tried to comfort her by placing his arm around her petite frame.

Jean knew that Zed was well meaning. She wiped her tears and said, "I have no appetite to eat. And you also have been busy dealing with this matter the whole day. You'd better go back home to have a good rest."

"Won't you come home with me?" Zed couldn't extract himself away from her. He asked her without hesitation.

"The final fifteen hours are the most important. I have to stay here to wait for the result." She looked towards the ICU with a firm resolve in her eyes.

"What if I don't allow you to? What if I insist that you must come home with me

broke into a grin.

Jean turned back to find the nurse had already dozed off in her chair. She let out a long breath and turned to look at Moore with helplessness and slight amazement. She said in a soft and low voice, "Moore, I had a dream about you just now. I hardly expected that you will give me a shock in the night after giving me a strong warning during the day. You have warned me twice. I guess that you must be a mischievious person to do that. I don't know whether I am right."

The night enveloped the hospital in a heavy silence again. It felt everything stood still and not a leaf fluttered around them.

Jean, after her ominous dream, could not go back to sleep. She looked at her hand still clutching Moore's and said, "I know that you are still fighting death. Moore, you must come out stronger and win this battle to wake up to me. I feel you can do it after what I saw of your bright and intelligent eyes in my dream. You are such a powerful and sunny boy. I bet God doesn't have the heart to take your life.

So please wake up! Will you? Wake up just as you did when I was almost scared to death in the daytime. You might not know how astonished I was when you woke up all of a sudden and asked me to call for the ambulance. I did my part. Now it all depends on you. Moore, I know that you are eager to live. So please be brave. If you can wake up this time, everything you are going to encounter will just be nothing at all. No trouble will beat you down.

So it is a test given by God. I deeply and firmly believe that you will win. You have already been in sleep for a rather long time. You will be a pig if you keep sleeping. Wake up please. Will you?"

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