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   Chapter 181 Guilt And Remorse

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"No, it is different right now, Zed." Overwrought with grief and guilt, Jean shook her head to Zed's proposal of a caregiver. "Zed, I know that you are doing this for my good. But, I wil stay upset as long as I know that Moore, who is so young, might not… all because of my carelessness."

Talking about it made the soft-hearted Jean abruptly choke with sobs. With doe-like eyes, she implored Zed, "Please let me stay and take care of him. Otherwise, I just may spend the rest of my life with enormous guilt and regret. OK?"

It was the moment of truth for Jean. All the anger and distance that she was putting between them dissolved. She revealed her pure sentiments and gazed at Zed for an answer.

Zed, too could sense that this was the barest of emotions Jean was expressing in front of him. He now understood the depth of the remorse she felt. His smooth handsome face slowly softened for his sorry wife and was filled with compassion.

After taking some time, Zed said: "I am afraid that you will get very tired. After all, looking after a patient in severe coma is a challenging task......"

Then, Jean resolutely replied: "I know this task is arduous, which is why I won't feel confident if you ask someone else to look after him."

"Alright!" Sensing how strongly her mind was made up, Zed had no choice but to sigh and nod.

Under the circumstances, disagreeing to Jean's request to stay in the hospital would mean that he was the bad guy.

"Thank you, Zed." After all that they had gone through, their agreeing to this made Jean suddenly burst into tears of joy.

Elian was taken aback with Jean's tears. He had been noticing them talk this grave matter through.

Knowing Zed all his life, it was the first time, he had seen him treat someone so patiently and care about so much.

It was all because of Jean......

Elian unconsciously stared at Jean. Her round face and hazel brown eyes showed a clarity of purpose. She wasn't gorgeous in looks but she looked pure and innocent making anyone fall for her lovely charm.

It was beyond anyone's imagination that Zed would even like such a girl. And yet, Elian was gladdened by Zed's love for her.

He kindly said: "Then, I will ask a nurse to lead you to the ICU. I will tell someone to explain to you what you should pay attention to and what you should do inside the ICU."

Looking at his uncle and Jean, Zed anxiously added: "Uncle

or several minutes. She kept on looking at Moore who was still lying just as he was this morning. She could do nothing but heave a gentle sigh. She headed for the sterile room to get changed and join Zed.

"I didn't object when you said you wanted to look after him. But Jean, you should take care of yourself, ok?" A worried Zed unpacked the boxes of food he had got for her.

Jean bit her lips and said: "But I have no appetite."

"I know that you don't have much appetite, so I specially bought some of your favorite dishes from the DYX Restaurant. You just eat some food, so that I can be a little more relieved, " said Zed softly.

'How thoughtful of Zed!' She was astonished that Zed had taken great care in bringing her the food she liked and then coaxing her so patiently.

This softened her towards him and she involuntarily nodded.

Opening the boxes, her eyes welled up as she saw her favorite dishes.

"What's wrong?" Seeing that Jean simply stared at the food and wouldn't eat, Zed grew concerned: "Don't you like the food? I can go out to buy some more if you want to eat anything else......"

"No, you needn't. I like all these dishes." After she finished speaking, Jean picked up the chopsticks and started eating.

Instead of gorging the food down, which Jean would whenever she was hungry, she took small bites and ate with reserve.

Her slow chewing of the food made Zed frown.

He saw that Jean was in tears even when eating.

Leaning towards her, Zed consoled her and said: "Jean, take it easy. Don't be too worried. Who knows maybe he would wake up the next minute."

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