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   Chapter 180 A Man was Hit

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9255

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'I... I just want to wait for the person I ran over to come out of the operating room first. It's not about him being alive or not. This is out of genuine concern, ' thought Jean.

But then a question popped in her head: "Why are these policemen insistent to take me to the police station first?"

"She won't go with you. If you have any questions, just talk to my lawyer." An out-of-breath Zed rushed in to reassure his cornered wife. As soon as he composed himself, he told the cops to back off in his usual peremptory fashion.

"Mr. Zed..." The policemen suddenly looked embarrassed.

The police was in a hurry right from the start. As soon as they got to know that the Mr. Zed's wife had caused the accident, they arrived at the scene of the accident in a jiffy. Then, they followed the ambulance directly to the hospital and tagged Jean until she gave a statement, all before Mr. Zed arrived.

But Mr. Zed was here now. It would be doubly difficult to take Jean away now that he had intervened.

"Mr. Zed..." The policeman, who had been covertly forcing Jean all this while, thought the situation over and said, "I hope you understand, Mr. Zed. We are just following the rules."

"I know. But if you have any questions, please talk to my lawyer." Ignoring the police who still wanted to say something more, an anxious Zed took his trembling wife and interlaced his arm with hers to lead her to a bench to talk in private.

"Come on Jean, take a seat first. Did you get frightened just now with all the cops and the legal work?" Zed thought approaching this on a milder tone might ease Jean into talking with ease. He watched her with concern as she sat there blank in front of him.

Jean's dull expression was disturbing Zed. Jean, on the other hand, was shocked to see him come like this. She was at a loss on how to respond to him coming in such a hurry.

His show of concern made the sweet-natured woman want to jump into her husband's arms. After all, she was dying to vent her anxiety and fears.

'But now... how can I do this... just after I decided to get rid of my dependence on Zed?'

Swallowing the bitter irony of the situation, Jean looked down and said in a sad, somber tone, "No matter how scared I am, I still have to face this. But... why are you here?" The last part of her utterance contained a hint of surprise but she didn't noticed this tone herself.

"You have experienced such a serious accident just hours ago. How could I not be here? But more importantly, why didn't you tell me first?" Zed scowled in defiance.

He thought, 'I am your husband but you didn't think of me first when you were most helpless.' The silence between them became tense and added to Zed's discomfort.

"I was afraid at that time. It took me


Listening to Uncle Elian's words, Jean's worry doubled, "How…how can we help, Uncle Elian?"

"It is crucial that the young man has his family by his side for the next 24 hours specially. So that if there is an emergency, his family can call the doctors without any delay. The truth be told, the injured is in a severe coma. If he does not wake up in the next 24 hours, the situation is unlikely to be positive. By the way, has his family been contacted?"

Elian Wang asked the policemen behind him.

"The injured guy called Moore Bai is a Chinese settled abroad. He was just returning from the overseas so it has been difficult to get in touch with anyone from his family, " The policeman next to Elian Wang reported.

"Difficult to get in touch with? What do you mean?" A frowning Zed asked.

"Moore Bai is an orphan. He was adopted by a retired couple who died the year before last. As for other relatives, we are still investigating..." The policeman reported somewhat uneasily.

All of this suddenly seemed to take a turn for the worse. Jean looked at everyone's face one by one and suddenly turned to Elian Wang and said, "Uncle Elian, since this 24-hour period is about whether Moore Bai can wake up or not, I will monitor his well-being and take care of him."



Zed and Elian Wang both looked at Jean with surprise.

"Yeah." Jean nodded vigorously and then said with a bitter smile, "After all, it was I who ran the car over him. I hope I can accompany him through the next 24 hours at least. Whether he wakes up or not, is another thing. I owe him this at least..."

"Jean, don't talk nonsense." After hearing Jean, Zed chided her with a solemn face, "You don't need to care for him, Jean. I will find the best caregiver who will wholeheartedly look after him for the next 24 hours."

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