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   Chapter 179 Car Accident

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7963

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"Look at the options you had — Bentley, Lamborghini, or Ferrari. Any one of these is better than the one you have picked. Where's your taste?" Zed sneered.

"Uh huh. All the cars you named are truly fancy and extravagant, but they don't fit me. Do you think it is appropriate for me, a normal white collar, to drive such a fancy car?" Standing with her hands on her hips, Jean asked back helplessly.

With his handsome face scrunched up in the harsh sunlight, Zed said, "I'd be surprised if there is anyone who doesn't know that you are Zed's wife in the whole H City? A fancy car perfectly suits your image."

"I am a regular person with a 9x5 job. I should act like one. Forget it. I should just stop talking to you, or I'll be late for work." Clutching her tan brown leather tote, Jean opened the door and got into the car.

His lips were dry and Zed felt unsure of what Jean was up to. He unwillingly saw Jean drive the car steadily out of the garage.

Anyway, Zed felt that the car didn't match her.

He furrowed his eyebrows, took out his phone and quickly dialed a number.

Jean drove her shipshape Chevrolet out of the front door and put on a determined face.

She thought, 'Jean, you did well.

The first step is to be independent and get rid of any dependence on Zed.

The second step is to alienate him and gradually get away from here.

You must believe in yourself that you can do it. It will happen but it will take time. There is no rush.'

The traffic was just about to hit the roads but Jean had just left the drive way and was about to take a traffic-heavy road. Lost in thoughts, Jean put on a firm expression, clutched her fist and encouraged herself.

Suddenly out of the blue, a man appeared at the intersection ahead.

The Chevrolet zoomed at a steady pace. By the time only a fifty-meter distance was left between the car and the man, Jean noticed what was about to happen.

Seized by panic, she hastily stepped on the brake.

The car leapt ahead with greater speed. With her hands clammy and heart in her mouth, she realized that her foot was on the accelerator and not the brake.

Twenty-meters was left between them. Jean sucked a deep breath in and stepped hard on the brake, with her eyes closed nervously.

"Screech..." The screech of the tire rubbing the ground echoed in Jean's ears that were throbbing with excitement. H

So, he understood Mr. Zed's behavior.

"You stay there. I'll come soon." Then, Zed strode outside, leaving people in confusion, looking at each other in the meeting room.

Frantically, climbing up the stairs of the hospital, Zed anxiously ran to the emergency ward.

Jean had never encountered such a situation. He thought she must be at an utter loss for she had never hurt a fly let alone a man. Zed kept on thinking about the level of fear and anxiety she must be going through.

'Jean, don't worry. I'm coming.'

When Zed hurried to the door of the surgery room, Jean was there, agitated. She was surrounded by several policemen, arguing.

"As I have said, after I make sure that the man inside is okay, I'll come to the police station to give my statement. I will take complete responsibility for my mistake." Jean's face was white, but she stood straight and uttered these words in a firm tone.

"We are just following the procedure. Why are you making it difficult for us? How about this…. You come to the police station with us first. If there's any update from the hospital, we'll tell you then and there." A striking policeman with a chocolate brown complexion reasoned with Jean.

"Come with you..." An upset Jean lowered her head. She knew that if she went away, she would never see the man inside again.

This wasn't her being sentimental. It was because of her that the man inside was having a surgery, though the outcome was unknown.

Pangs of conscience tugged at her as the scene of him lying feebly under her feet cropped up in her thoughts again.

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