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   Chapter 178 Send Her A Car

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8796

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Zed, Zed......

Jean's heart ached on thinking of his name.

Both of them were dog-tired and couldn't keep at this any longer. "Alright now, let's sleep!" Scooping up Jean's slender body in his arms, Zed began walking towards the bed.

The strong lines on Zed's face had softened with love. But Jean only felt ironic and disappointed.

Somehow, when you looked at Zed, what was in his heart was not for all to see. It was clear that he was capable of putting on an act.

The tall, muscular Zed was one man with her but totally different when he was with other women.

Zed, was your love for me all fake?

This thought haunted Jean again and again as she lay in bed, curled up away from Zed.

"Why are you sleeping so far from me?" The ivory satin sheets calmed Zed as he snaked his hand onto Jean's petite waist.

The supple muscles of Jean's stomach tightened into a knot as she felt Zed's cold hand touch her. It felt like a jolt out of the blue and her hair stood on an end.

"Don't be nervous, I won't touch you." He could feel Jean stiffen up. Zed decided to comfort her with a soft touch and gently patted her back.

Now that she felt assured, Jean let her guard down. Still, a sardonic smile played on her lips as she thought:

'Of course, you won't be in the mood or cater to my needs. You have just flirted with another woman, after all.'

Jean felt her misery grow from bad to worse. She had to force herself to not think any further

Or else she would really have a fit.

The quiet of the night and an equally silent Jean made Zed's eyes droop heavily. After some minutes, he fell asleep.

On the other side of the bed, a listless Jean stirred up as she heard Zed breathing heavily in his sleep. Slowly, she got up from the bed and sat on the couch to look at Zed's bewitching face.

No doubt, he was called seductive at first sight. It was also the reason why she became devoted to the marriage as bit by bit she fell under his spell. She was promptly told about the dangers involved and its unworldly nature.

At first, Jean thought that Zed didn't care for Eva or Selena. For him, Jean was his true love and he honestly cared for her.

This was the truth Zed had once said to Jean.

And with all her heart, she believed him.

Things went downhill when she discovered Zed's otherside. Dealing with a cold and ruthless Zed made her earnest loving husband a figment of her imagination. Hearing how he could care for another woman, her confidence in their relationship shattered.

The sad truth, at the end of the day, was that she was a total fool

For believing men's flattery of h

ip about us if you make them dissapear? Zed, no matter how powerful you are, you can't control what people talk about. It's because you are so… extraordinary. If you really care about me, I think it's best that we avoid being seen in public as much as possible."

'I don't want that in the end, I am embarrased and alone.

Because you will not be mine.

Since that is how it will be, I don't need this show of tenderness?'

With grief overcoming her again, Jean murmured to herself.

"Alright, if you don't want me to drive you to work, I won't do it anymore. Today onwards, I will ask a driver to drive you to and from work. Are you satisfied?" Clearly, a frazzled Zed was looking for ways to make peace with Jean and compromise.

"No, this cannot be. It is too much trouble!" Jean shook her head and added before Zed got angry, "How about this? I have a driver's license myself and there are spare cars in your garage. I can drive myself to work. Which is quite convenient."

The fact was that she would rather take the bus or cab to work.

To which Zed would not possibly agree. So she could only think of a more acceptable option.

"That's okay. Do drive safe." Zed agreed as Jean had expected, but still warned her.

"Okay." Jean exhaled a sigh of relief. With them agreeing on this, she softened a bit towards him.

"Let's go! To the garage and pick a car." Zed walked out first.

Left with no choice but to follow him, a blushing Jean followed.

Her mind was already made up about what she wanted. As soon as she spotted a low-key and dependable red Chevy, she exclaimed. "This is it." Zed raised his brows in protest but Jean interrupted, "Since, I will drive the car, it only makes sense that I get to pick what I like."

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