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   Chapter 177 How Many Women Are You With

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7266

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When Jean woke up from her dream at midnight, she found out that no one lay beside her.

Initially, she was blank and lost. It was only after she was wide awake, her face crunched into a quizzical expression.

She put on her slippers and began looking for Zed everywhere in the house. At last, she noticed a trace of light under the door of Zed's study.

Jean yawned. As she was about to push the door, she paused to hear Zed's voice from the inside.

Going to the study in the night wasn't unusual for Zed. As she heard him, it seemed that he was on a call.

Did he have something important to deal with at this hour?

Or was Zed hiding anything from her?

Hadn't they reached an agreement with each other? Both of them had decided to unconditionally trust each other. But why did she doubt him now?

Suddenly, Jean began to grin and slapped her head for her silliness.

She gently pushed the door to avoid startling Zed.

With the door open, she saw that Zed was sitting on the big chair with light coming from the lamp on his desk.

However, Zed was still on the phone with his back towards Jean.

The towering chair covered Zed's frame entirely. Only his jet black short hair could be seen from the top of the chair. The lamp's light gave a smooth lustre to his black hair.

Jean realized that Zed hadn't noticed her even now. She decided to tiptoe towards him and surprise him.

Zed was one of those who didn't express everything readily that came to his mind. It was only after Jean, he had started looking joyful with a mix of different expressions. But most of the times, his stone face looked frightening.

'How will he react if I stealthily approach him from behind?'

Jean chuckled to herself. Before she could stretch out her hands to cover his eyes and give him a surprise, Zed's unusual words stopped her mid-way.

"Jesse, don't cry. Let's talk again when you come here. Is this ok? It is really late in the night now. Just don't think too much. Go and have a good sleep. That's a good girl. You will spoil your face if you don't stop crying..."

Jean had never heard Zed speak to anyone so tenderly and patiently.

Judging fro

nto my study? Why did you run away?"

"I......" Jean didn't resist Zed taking her hands into his. She just lowered her gaze and looked churlish.

It seemed that Zed didn't know that she had overheard his conversation. He was also oblivious to her knowing that a Jesse existed.


Jean raised her head to see Zed in the eye and said, "I had a nightmare so I wanted to find you in your study. But I came back when I saw that you were busy."

"Is that all?" Full of doubt, Zed again asked, "Then, why did you lock yourself inside? You even didn't react at all when I asked you to open the door for quite a long time?"

Jean snorted with contempt, "Didn't I say that I had a nightmare? I locked the door inside because I was scared."

Jean looked down for a second and wondered, 'Why didn't I ask Zed who Jesse was?

What is their relationship?

Jean, what on earth are you afraid of?

Is anything worse than our present situation?'

"Honey, you are so stupid." Zed felt sorry for saying this and immediately hugged her: "When you next have a nightmare, just call me, and I will be there with you."

Wrapped in his arms, Jean felt more upset and depressed listening to Zed comforting her.

"Just call me, and I will be with you."

Comparing his tone to how Zed spoke to Jesse ("That's a good girl. You will spoil your face if you don't stop crying..."), To how he spoke to her, Jean's guess was more or less confirmed.

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