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   Chapter 176 I Am Waiting For You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7428

Updated: 2018-12-24 10:52

Jean's shock slowly wore off. She was sitting still on the floor, feeling dejected.

'Zed, you are so cruel to me. You don't want to even look at me.

I tried so hard to escape away from Ethan's insult. Do you think I was so lucky to escape? Can't you see that I bore all of Ethan's insults and his cruel treatment of me just to be with you?

No, I don't sympathize with Ethan at all. I stooped to compromise just because I wanted us to be together and happy.

But you don't either understand or cherish what I have done for us. Rather, you insulted me......'

Before Jean knew it, dewy tears shone on her cheeks. Her eyes were welled up in love and longing for Zed, but his apathy towards her cut through her heart. Still, she asked, "Zed, what do these fights mean? What good can they ever bring us?"

Zed was still very furious. He angrily stared at Jean and replied, "I don't care if they bring us any good. Don't you understand what I just said? I don't want to see you."

"Fine, I am leaving. I will not come in front of you or bother you again." Jean stood up to go outside.

Zed turned around when he heard the door click behind him.

He knit his brows in anger looking at the closed door.

After she walked out, Jean too turned back to stare at the closed door. A thought crossed her mind and she smiled a bittersweet smile.

"Alright. Let's just give each other some time to calm down.'

Jean walked into the guest room and turned on the shower of the bathroom.

As soon as she stepped out, she realized that she hadn't taken her pyajamas.

Luckily, there were enough bathrobes in the bathroom.

Jean randomly took one and put it on. She walked into the bedroom and lied down on the big bed. Staring at the ceiling was all she could do because sleep avoided her.

Restless, she turned over and over again. Finally, she got up and went to the balcony.

Looking at the waning moon up alone in the sky, her heart was filled with unhappiness.

She went back to bed, unlocked her cellphone and started flipping through her apps.

Logging into her WeChat account, she saw Zed's portrait as her displayed picture. She lost her control and burst out sobbing into the pillow. She was so c

elt guilty when he recalled that he distrusted her, doubted her and even hurt her with his words. Then, he continued: "I won't get so upset even when you scold me."

Jean looked at Zed and replied seriously: "I should be more lax towards you and respect your decisions. I am your wife. Zed, I hope that we can unconditionally trust each other after this. Will you?"

This time, Zed nodded and replied without any hesitation. "Yes."

"Zed......" Jean smiled from ear to ear and threw herself into Zed's arms. She was so excited that she trembled a little. "You don't know how scared I get when you are angry and lose your temper with me. I know you have scruples about Ethan. But I am crossing that line because I am clear that there should be no gap between you and me. Nothing should be able to come between us.

I am putting your love at stake when I do this. I am hoping that we overcome jealousy, misunderstandings and any other hurdles to find stable love. I know I have won, Zed. I love you. I really love you a lot."

Jean looked up at him and exclaimed with excitement.

Zed was overwhelmed by Jean's true words, her good intentions and her final words "I really love you a lot."

Zed's eyes became moist again. He growled in a low voice and had his burning hot lips touch her soft lips.

Jean unconsciously closed her eyes and gave in to the craziness of his kiss.

Suddenly, the room felt very hot as their romance drowned everything else besides them.

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