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   Chapter 175 I Don’t Want To See You Tonight

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8029

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Zed felt a little relieved and said, "Really? You have to stop talking about this if you still think of me as your husband. Don't affect our relationship because of someone unrelated to us."

"I am sorry......" Jean's lower lip trembled and she burst into tears. "I...I don't want you to commit crimes because of me. I know you are extremely powerful, Zed. But we live in a society ruled by law and this is just not done. Lei Group's business might be small scale in H City. But the entire family is in the Imperial Capital. Their power and strength are beyond what you can even imagine. I cannot even bear to think that something may happen to you because of me. I need you to keep your temper and impulse in check and not offend them."

As Jean uttered this out, she began sobbing with a strange sadness coming over her.

"Honey, how can you not trust me?" Zed was deeply touched and surprised. It dawned on him that Jean no longer loved her old lover, Ethan. Instead, she was really worried that he would be in a difficult situation if he clashed with the Lei Group.

Zed felt warm inside. He hugged Jean who was still crying and comforted her, "Jean, you should remember that I won't let anyone off the hook specially when he makes trouble for my woman. I don't care whoever he is, let alone Ethan who means nothing to me."

Jean looked up at Zed aghast, "Do you really intend to offend the Lei Family openly?"

Zed sighed, "Jean, all I can say is that Ethan has crossed the line."

Looking at him intently, Jean gave a bitter smile. "Alright. I will always support you in whatever you do."

Zed was taken aback. He tenderly gazed at her as he was filled with love for her.

At that moment, Jean said in a low voice, "Zed, I have to ask you. I would like to take a look at him. Is that ok?"

Zed's heart was suddenly frozen. He could feel anger rising inside him.

"Trust me. I just want to take a look at him once." With a knot of feelings inside her, Jean said, "I didn't realise I owed a debt of gratitude to him until today. It was because of him, I entered my company and started working under my boss. He made my biggest wish come true. Just once, I have to show him how grateful I am in person. After that, he and I are square. I won't owe him anything."

Zed frowned and stared at Jean in silence.

Jean mustered the courage to look at him in the eye and firmly nodde

appy. I can sense your anger and it makes me very uneasy."

An angrier Zed said, "I will be very happy only if you wouldn't move around me like a fly."

Jean was hurt. She sadly complained, "Zed, you don't love me anymore. You hate my presence, the fact that I am just around you. You don't even want to see me......"

Zed restlessly loosened his necktie and barked back a reply, "Yes, I do. You make efforts to save the man who gravely insulted you. When you do this, how can you expect kindness from me?"

"Why are you still thinking that I want to save Ethan? Am I a slut in your heart? Or you don't have confidence in yourself? Zed, you are and have always been much better than Ethan." Jean asked him to open the door. When she realized it was ajar all this while, she pried it to open to see him standing still. She slowly approached him and looked straight into his eyes. He too looked at her and then shut them in displeasure.

"I hate it when you think less of yourself to please others. Jean, will you behave like this if you aren't guilty about something?" Zed couldn't bear to hear the truth and suddenly turned his face away from Jean.

Jean felt hot in the face with embarassment. "I have tried so hard to please you just in hope that you can be happy."

Zed miserably pushed her aside and said, "Forget it, I don't want to be pleased. Get out. I don't want to see you tonight."

Jean was hardly expecting the push. As soon as he shoved her towards the door, she lost balance.

She tumbled backwards and fell in great pain, though the floor was covered in thick carpet.

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