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   Chapter 173 I Am Waiting For You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10444

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"He left to deal with some business. You've just been released from the hospital. Why didn't you go home to get some rest?" Jean knitted her eyebrows and said unhappily, "I asked John to take care of you. Why did he bring you to work? He knew that you were ill and hospitalized. How could he have no sense of responsibility?"

Maranda held Jean's hands and hurriedly explained to her. "Jean, don't be upset with him. Something happened at the company. Hence, our boss called him. He needed to meet with Sonny. That's why we came here."

Jean was shocked and asked, "What happened?"

Maranda replied, "John got a call from our boss when we were returning. I heard that some investor withdrew his investment from our company. This seemed to have something to do with John. Since he needed to get back and help deal with the situation, he couldn't send me home. We had to rush here instead. Moreover, if I had gone home, I would have no way of finding out what had happened. And so, I decided to come here with John. That way I'd be able to figure out what all this is about."

'Investor? Withdrew investment?'

Jean's face paled. There could only be one investor who would do such a thing. The timing couldn't be a coincidence. How could she have been so naive to think that the situation between her and Ethan wouldn't affect her work? Slowly she turned and walked toward Sonny's office.

"Jean......" Maranda wanted to stop her from going to find Sonny. However, just as Maranda stretched her hand to grab her friend, she realized that Jean was Sonny's apprentice. Jean probably had to go help Sonny, just like John had to. And so, she let Jean go.

Anxiety mounted as Jean walked to Sonny's office. When she arrived, Jean noticed that the door was half-open. As she walked closer, she could hear Sonny speaking.

"John, just tell me the truth. Did Ethan look or behave weird when you met him at the neighboring city?" Sonny looked very grave. He was pacing in front of his desk.

John stood in front of Sonny's table and expressionlessly replied, "No. He showed up with Selena. At that time, he looked very happy. I was unable to discern anything different or weird about Ethan's behavior."

"But how could they be missing if everything was well? Did you know it''s not just Ethan who is missing? No one can find Selena either. The Lei Family has reported this to the police. However, the police is at a loss for what to do. They have no idea where to begin their investigation. The Lei Group will withdraw their investment in our company if they learn that something happened to Ethan during one of our shoots. As you already know, our company is short of funds. Our situation would worsen if they withdraw their investment."

Sonny looked grim as he spoke with John. He sighed helplessly as he leaned against the desk.

Jean, who was standing outside the office, took a step back when she heard them speaking. She didn't know the extent of Lei Group's involvement with Sonny's company. She knew that Ethan and Sonny were friends. Isn't that why Ethan introduced Sonny to Jean?

At that thought, Jean's ha

hadn't been expecting that. She was bewildered. "What? Did you just say that John went looking for me last night?" Maranda's revelation had been so unexpected that Jean had trouble believing her.

Maranda nodded and answered enthusiastically, "Yes!" She frowned as she continued, "After he couldn't contact you by phone, he didn't return to the ward for a long time. And when he did, John looked very anxious. When I asked him where he had been, John said that he searched everywhere for you but he hadn't been able to find you. It was dawn and I had just woken up. But he implored me to help him look for you. Later, he was stopped by Mr. Qi's staff member in the hotel lobby. However, he insisted that he wouldn't leave until we had seen you and made sure that you were all right."

"What?" Jean was stunned and stared at Maranda in shock. This was all too much for Jean to process. She had simply assumed the worst when it came to John. She had never once stopped to think that he had been concerned enough to do all this. Then, she said, "Maranda, you must be joking with me! John doesn't care about his colleagues."

"That's true." Maranda smiled and said, "There must be another reason why John stayed in my ward when you were not there." It was Jean, not John who had left Maranda alone at the hospital. How could Jean think that John was the irresponsible one?

At that moment, Jean fell silent as she pondered over everything she had just heard. Then she sighed as she spoke, "It seems that I have misunderstood him. I am a terrible person for treating him badly."

Jean was anxious and upset about her behavior with John.

She had not only misunderstood John, but also confronted him and accused him of being cold and selfish. He would surely hate her for how she had behaved.

Maranda softened when she saw how remorseful Jean looked. "What did you say to him, " Maranda couldn't help but ask. When she got no reply, Maranda prompted Jean, "Did you blame John just because you thought that he didn't go to look for you? Jean, what on earth happened yesterday?"

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