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   Chapter 172 Hold Me For As Long As You Like

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8768

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"Yes, that is correct, Miss Qin." The man nodded as he answered.

"Am I hallucinating? Could I have heard wrong? Zed, who is said to be cold and indifferent was actually thoughtful enough to..." Maranda was surprised and said in disbelief.

"Get in!" John wasn't in the mood. He didn't want to stand around and watch Maranda murmur to herself. He gently pushed Maranda in the direction of the car.

'Hey!" Maranda objected. When she turned, she saw the driver waiting for her. He smiled at her politely but stayed silent.

Maranda stroked her cheeks and hurriedly got into the car.

Since Zed was feeling generous, Maranda wasn't about to turn down the offer.

Later, she would ask Jean to convey her gratitude to Zed.

Maranda giggled at the thought. Her reaction made John furrow his brows.

At the hotel, Jean had finished packing her things. She stepped out of her room and slowly closed the door before heading for the elevator.

Once she reached the restaurant, Jean saw Zed sitting at a corner table. A generous spread of breakfast and dessert dishes covered the table.

Jean frowned, "All this for only two people? How can we eat so much?" Jean's cheeks turned red as she seated herself. She was surprised that Zed would do this for her. When her stomach growled, Jean leaned forward and picked up a jam sandwich. She wolfed it down before Zed could say anything.

"I thought you might be hungry. I didn't know what you would like, so I ordered a little of everything." Zed said tenderly. When he saw how Jean was eating, Zed pushed a glass of milk toward her before saying, "Slow down. Nobody's stealing your food."

"You don't approve of the way I eat?" Jean asked with her mouth still full.

"No, I'm afraid that you might choke." Zed explained as he sighed. No matter how many times he had tried to explain to Jean that she needed to eat slowly, she never listened.

"Don't worry. I won't choke." Came Jean's cheerful response before she took a sip of her milk. Then she eyed the rest of the food on the table.

Zed never knew how to react when Jean ate. She always behaved like she hadn't eaten in weeks. It was a refreshing change to see her childish enjoyment of food, but it always left a poor impression as she never cared for table etiquette.

He sighed helplessly, and started to eat some bread.

After they finished breakfast, Zed and Jean slowly walked outside.

Jean touched her full belly and took a deep, satisfactory breath, "I'm so full and so happy."

Zed wrapped an arm around her waist and guided her toward the car. He opened the passenger door and seated her be

s on the road again, Jean felt relieved. She collapsed on her leather seat, and closed her eyes.

Seeing that Jean was resting, Zed tried to drive carefully so that he didn't wake her.

When Jean woke, she felt refreshed.

She noticed that they were almost at the City. She felt guilty for having fallen asleep for so long. She frowned and asked, "Zed, why didn't you wake me? You must have been bored driving all this while with no one to talk to. You should have woken me."

"Did you rest well?" Zed glanced at Jean as he asked.

"Yes." Jean nodded as she suppressed a yawn.

"Are you planning on going to the company or do you want to go straight home?" Zed asked.

"I need to make a quick stop at the company. I have to upload the photos that I shot on this trip. Then I'll go home and rest." Jean said with a small smile.

"Okay, I'll take you there first. I have to run some errands. When I'm done, I'll pick you up." Zed answered while driving.

"If you are busy, or if you're running late, don't worry about me. I can get home by myself." Jean hurriedly added.

"Don't worry. I don't have too many things to do, " Zed said as he slowed the car. He quickly hopped out and opened the door for Jean. After placing a loving kiss on her forehead, he reminded her, "Don't go home by yourself. I'll come fetch you soon, okay? Finish your work quickly."

"Okay." Jean nodded. She waited till Zed had climbed back into the car and sped away.

After the car had disappeared from sight, Jean walked into the company, carrying her camera equipment.

The moment she walked in, Jean heard Maranda shout, "Jean, you are here! Where is Zed?"

Then, Maranda looked around. When she didn't see Zed, she looked at Jean inquisitively.

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