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   Chapter 171 We Were Both Suffering From Unrequited Love

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8837

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"Jean, I'm sorry for losing my temper. I didn't think that you would be afraid of me." Zed was aghast. He hadn't known that Jean would react this way. No one had ever told him this before. He had no clue.

"You are human. You have feelings. It's okay to feel jealous or happy or angry. We all feel like that from time to time. And it's okay to feel." Jean reached forward and touched Zed's face gently. "But could you please try to control your anger? Never assume that I have done or said something to intentionally hurt you. If you have any questions, you can ask me and I will explain."

Zed lowered his eyes in shame. "Okay, I promise, " he whispered. When Jean placed her palm on his cheek, Zed's eyes flew to her face. The tender smile on Jean's face was comforting to Zed.

'Jean is my wife. She's the woman I should care about. I shouldn't vent my anger on her.

Since we want to be with each other for the rest of our lives, I have to better myself. I need to be the man she can be proud of.'

Hearing Zed's answer, Jean smiled.

Before either of them could say anything, the bell began ringing. Jean and Zed had just been through a terribly emotional situation. Once they had forgiven each other, the two lovers gazed at each other lovingly. The ringing of the bell interrupted their peaceful moment.

Zed frowned unpleasantly.

Despite his desire to be close to Jean, Zed withdrew his arms from around her before standing and walking to the door.

"Who's outside?" Jean asked anxiously when she saw that Zed had opened the door but didn't speak. When she still didn't get a reply, Jean walked toward the door.

Zed stared at the two people outside the door. His expression conveyed the annoyance he felt.

When he noticed that Jean was approaching them, Zed walked past them. Once outside, he turned to Jean and said, "I will be waiting for you at the restaurant. When you're done here, pack your things and meet me downstairs."

"Okay." Jean nodded. When she saw that Maranda and John had come to visit, Jean felt both, joy and concern. She rushed to hold Maranda's hand as she spoke, "Maranda, you've been discharged from the hospital! How do you feel now?"

"I'm feeling much better, thank you." When Jean studied Maranda, she noticed that her friend did look well. She wasn't as weak or pale as she had been. Maranda smiled and asked, "Where did you go last night? We were worried about you. We couldn't contact you since you didn't take your cell phone." Maranda stopped and turned to see where Zed was. Then she continued with a frown, "But Mr. Qi is here. So it seems as though we need not have worried."

ving John or Maranda an opportunity to respond.

John felt several complex emotions run through him. According to how Zed looked, something awful might have happened to Jean last night.

The more he thought about it, the more frustrated John became. He blamed himself for not protecting Jean well enough.

John remembered feeling as though something bad was going to happen when he saw Jean follow Ethan.

When he called Jean on her cell phone, Maranda had answered the call.

At that time, he was too anxious to think clearly. So John did what he thought was right. He had called Zed and told him about the situation.

He didn't expect that Zed genuinely cared about Jean. Before Zed ended the call, John heard him yelling at someone.

Zed must have driven like a mad person to get here!

John had feared the worst. But he didn't know what happened right after Zed arrived. And since Zed was thanking him, John felt as though perhaps, his actions had stopped something bad from happening to Jean.

John took some comfort in that thought. He sighed as he walked toward the hotel's gate.

"John, did Mr. Qi thank you? What happened between you two?" Maranda ran to catch up with John. Even she had no idea what had happened the previous night. 'Why would Mr. Qi thank John?'

"What do you think happens between two men who love the same woman?" John said indifferently.

Maranda thought about it and found that she didn't really need to ask John. She couldn't help sticking her tongue out at John.

As the two approached the exit, a man in a black suit politely said to John and Maranda, "Mr. Qiao and Miss Qin, Mr. Qi has instructed me to drive you back."

Maranda couldn't help asking in amazement, "Mr. Qi? He asked you to drive us?"

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