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   Chapter 170 Please Don't Cry

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10519

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When Zed loosened his hold on Jean's chin, she sank to the floor.

Expressionlessly, she glared at Zed. "Yes, I wanted to know how badly he had been hurt. Am I monster for not wanting Ethan to die for what he did? I knew you were angry last night. And I am quite aware of what you can do when you get angry. Had it been anyone else, I would not have cared. But we're talking about Ethan Lei. His background is not what you think it to be. I dated him before. I know the truth.

Although the repercussions will not cost you your life, handling a situation with the Lei family will not be easy. That's why I told you last night that the bad guys would pay the price some day. You didn't have to put yourself in a situation that would leave you vulnerable!

I have no idea what I did to cause this misunderstanding. I, Jean Wen, am an ordinary woman. I do not have the power or money that you and Ethan Lei do. But I will never forgive a beast like him. I've explained everything now. No matter whether you believe me or not, I won't explain it again. I'm leaving for the hospital. I'd like to check on Maranda."

Jean didn't want to cause more problems between her and Zed. So she took her time and explained things to Zed in a way that there would be no more ambiguity. Without giving Zed a chance to react, she stood, and walked toward the door. This whole time, Jean remained expressionless.

Zed had always handled situations calmly. However, ever since he had fallen in love with Jean, he seemed incapable of doing so.

He caught hold of her hand without thinking, "I'm sorry. I misunderstood you, " he said sheepishly.

However, Jean just stood there. She showed no emotions and she didn't struggle to free herself.

When Zed didn't receive a response from Jean, he felt even more ashamed of his actions. His expression conveyed the pain and sorrow that he felt.

"Jean, could you please say something?" Zed beseeched. When Jean continued to be silent, Zed added, "Scold me if you want to, but please say something." Jean couldn't bring herself to say anything to Zed. She lowered her gaze to the floor. Upon seeing her reaction, Zed stepped closer to Jean.

Slowly Jean raised her head and looked at Zed.

The Zed she knew would never apologize like this. He would also never admit that he was wrong.

And yet, here he was begging for Jean's forgiveness. That implied that he really loved Jean. 'He would never speak like this and with such humbleness, if he did not care about me.

If I remain silent, Zed will lose his confidence and patience.

After that our relationship will probably get worse.

But, he did not even give me a chance to explain. He just denigrated me and insulted me.'

At this thought Jean's tears began to fall again. Zed's behavior had caused her more heartache than he could have imagined.

Zed, who had been waiting patiently for Jean's response, became extremely distraught when he saw her tears.

"I'm sorry…… I'm so sorry…… It's all my fault. Please don't cry, all right?" He implored while wiping away her tears. "Just scold me, beat me... do whatever you want if it will make you fee

be intentionally trying to hurt him.

'Just because some men cannot control themselves when tempted by a beautiful woman with a sexy body, Doesn't mean that all men have the same lack of self control.

How can you compare me with them?'

But Jean was lost in her thoughts. She hadn't noticed that Zed had been offended by what she had said. In her mind, she focused on the fact that Zed had called her a beautiful damsel.

'Zed thinks I'm beautiful?

He can resist Selena but he cannot resist me? Does he find me to be more attractive than Selena?'

Jean's heart overflowed with joy. She grinned at Zed.

Despite the hurt Zed felt at Jean's accusation, seeing that smile on her face brought Zed a tremendous amount of relief. He had hurt her with his words and actions. When she cried and refused to speak with him, Zed had been afraid that he had lost her. And yet, here she stood, grinning at him.

"Well, are you satisfied with my answer?"

Zed raised an eyebrow and asked as he took a step closer to Jean. Jean's heart beat faster at his proximity. She looked at him and saw the fire of desire flickering in his eyes. Jean's ears burned when she realized Zed's intentions.

Jean could not afford to let Zed sidetrack this argument. She needed to re-establish control in this situation so that he wouldn't behave horribly with her again. Jean shook her head at Zed as though warning him that he hadn't gotten away with hurting her. Then she pouted and said, "Do not lose your temper so easily next time. Zed, you have no idea how scary it is when you lose your temper."

With a frown Zed asked, "Really?"

"Yep!" Jean nodded and began to explain, "You are always so reserved. And you behave in a manner that most people find intimidating. That includes me. I never know if you are in a good mood or a bad mood. Your expressionless face and cold tone, make it impossible to read you. That makes you unapproachable. How do you expect me to come to you with my problems when you look and sound hostile? If that isn't bad enough, when you lose your temper..." Jean shuddered.

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