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   Chapter 169 She Went To Ethan's Room

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10919

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"That's what you said. I didn't force you to answer my question. And why are you asking me such a question? Moreover, you called me silly! How dare you? You have some explaining to do, Zed!" Jean became quite unhappy about what Zed had said. She kept questioning Zed, trying to figure out what he truly meant.

"You don't know that you behaved in an unacceptable way? I am your husband. However, you did not believe me. Instead, you're asking me silly questions. Don't you know that I feel heartbroken about what you did and said? Jean, I love you very much and I care about you. You do know that, right? Now you are questioning me like this. Is it because I did not make you feel comfortable last night? Would you be happier if I treat you better now?"

Zed asked with a wicked grin, and his tone was rather intimate.

When Jean realized what Zed was hinting at, her face flushed. Zed seemed to have guessed what she was thinking by her reaction. The corners of his mouth lifted in a suggestive grin.

"Zed! I don't want to see you or talk to you any more." Jean was not expecting Zed to flirt at a time like this. Not only had he caught her off-guard with his suggestion, Jean blushed at his proposal. Unable to counter, she stamped her foot, buried her face in her hands, and ran to the bathroom.

A big smile crept onto Zed's lips. He was still grinning when Jean slammed the bathroom door shut. Zed loved how Jean reacted to his advances and his light teasing. Something about her innocence and the way she blushed made Zed want to tease her more. He shook his head at her demureness.

He enjoyed teasing her and he was quite sure that Jean enjoyed this little loving banter between them. Her reaction also reassured Zed that she was all right.

That was important to Zed. He was afraid that the events of the previous night would have affected her on a deeper level. And so, it was nice to see that she was still light humored and capable of behaving like her normal self.

Not wanting to face Zed, Jean decided to take a long bath. The hot water felt comforting and she closed her eyes and enjoyed how relaxed she felt. When done, Jean stepped out of the bathroom with her hair still dripping.

She noticed that her luggage had already been brought into the room. She knew that Zed must have asked his secretary to do so. A smile appeared on her face.

Jean thought, 'I am so lucky to have such a considerate and thoughtful husband. Never had I imagined that I would be so fortunate.'

"Your hair is still wet. Do you plan on falling sick? Why didn't you dry your hair properly? Are you in a hurry?" Zed grabbed a dry towel and walked to Jean. Without hesitating, he began drying Jean's hair.

Jean closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Zed's hands as he gently rubbed her hair in the towel. She felt so relaxed and comfortable. With a half-smile, she said, "Zed, I find that it is becoming more and more difficult for me to live without you."

Zed's hands stopped and he tilted his head to look at Jean as he joked back, "Do you mean that you will die if I leave you? What choice do I have then? I must stay by your side. But then again, you are always so careless. I have no choice but to look after you." Zed stopped to sigh deeply bef

is accusatory tone.

"What am I talking about? Didn't you slip next door when I was having a shower? Can you deny that you went to check on Ethan? Jean, you were brave enough to sneak out when I wasn't looking. Where is your courage now? Too afraid to admit to what you've done, are you?" There seemed to be smoke steaming out of Zed's ears. He was so angry that he was shouting at Jean.

"Yes. I did. I did go to Ethan's room." Jean raised her head to look at Zed bravely before saying, "I went to his room because I wanted to see how badly he had been injured."

"You told me that you did not care about Ethan. You would not go to check on him unless you cared. How dare you lie to me?" Zed became even more infuriated when he heard Jean's answer.

The force he used to hold Jean's chin increased. The pain was becoming so unbearable that Jean tried to shake her head free.

Tears ran down her cheeks when Jean was unable to bear the pain. However, she clenched her mouth shut so that she didn't whimper in pain. Jean wanted to look brave. She knew that Zed had made assumptions based on what he had been told.

She also knew that the more she explained, the angrier Zed would become since he was rather emotional and unreasonable.

None of that settled Jean's own concerns though. She was worried that Zed had gone too far last night. If Ethan had been seriously injured, Zed would get into trouble. Jean was concerned about Zed's safety not Ethan's. However, Zed just misunderstood her intention and took it for granted that she had been worried about Ethan.

Jean was not insane enough to forgive the person who had tried to rape her. She was not that silly.

She glared at Zed furiously as she thought, 'Zed, it doesn't matter if you don't believe me. But why won't you give me an opportunity to explain all this to you?'

Jean felt bitterness simmering inside her. She closed her eyes and let her tears fall.

Zed noticed the tears trickling down Jean's cheeks.

His anger dispelled all at once.

"Jean..." Zed said apologetically. But it was too late. He had hurt her.

When Zed released her chin, he saw his handprints on her clear, fair skin.

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