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   Chapter 168 Honey, Are You Jealous

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When Zed stepped into the bedroom, he found that Jean was soundly sleeping.

He immediately took his clothes off and lay next to her.

As he held Jean in his arms, he affectionately stared at her.

Jean got closer to Zed instinctively and found a comfortable place that kept her asleep.

At that moment, an affectionate smile slowly appeared on Zed's face and he decided to protect and love Jean forever.

He suddenly realized that everything that happened in his life led him to Jean. He always reminded himself that marriage was a verb. It was not something that happens in just a moment, but rather, it was something that takes a lifetime to develop. He would definitely try his best to comfort, protect, and shelter Jean for all the days of his life. Nobody could hurt Jean and break their relationship as long as he was alive.

Therefore, whatever Ethan would do to frame her up, Zed would not be tricked.

As for Jean...

Zed gently kissed Jean on her delicate and tender cheek and decided to hide his real identity to her. He thought that it was unnecessary for her to know who he really was.

Of course, he was not frightened by what Ethan told him. But he didn't want Jean to worry about him.

Jean woke up in the morning, feeling comfortable. As she stretched herself out and opened her eyes, she found that Zed was already awake and was fixing his eyes on her with a warm and wide smile. Though she was struck by his handsome face again, she felt anxious and hid under the blanket. She felt very ashamed for what she had done on the other night.

Indeed, she had been in an awkward situation last night. She had even behaved wildly under the influence of the drug.

It seemed like she always did something nasty when she stayed with Zed.

Thinking about that, Jean's face turned very red.

"How are you doing? Are you now shy after what you did last night?" When Zed woke up that morning, his voice was a bit husky, yet very attractive.

"No..." Jean felt even more embarrassed when Zed teased her. She just awkwardly got her head out from the blanket, took a glance at Zed, and greeted him with her red face. "Morning."

"Good Morning!" When he saw that Jean's cheeks glowed like red apples, Zed delightfully smiled at her and asked, "Are you hungry?"

"Eh..." At that moment, Jean was confused with his question. She didn't understand what he meant when he mentioned "hungry".

It was said that men usually had a

Zed continued, "Do you really think that I'm that kind of person?"

"Who knows. Men are flirtatious by nature. I don't know if you could behave properly if ever I'm not with you." Jean couldn't help herself from grumbling.

"Jean, to whom don't you have confidence? Me or yourself? Zed angrily sneered.

"You, of course... As a handsome and accomplished young man, you are undoubtedly the target of different kinds of women! If I'm not mistaken, your first love, Eva, and the international superstar, Selena, both have inappropriate desires for you. They've never forgotten you. Can you honestly say to me that you've never been interested in them?"

Finally, Jean asked the question that had been lingering on her mind for a long time.

As an innocent woman, Jean wasn't afraid to show her selfishness about her possession to Zed.

She couldn't be tolerant at some women who desirably looked at her husband.

She would not let other women get his husband.

Zed, who felt tensed a while ago, felt relieved after he heard Jean's question.

He squinted his eyes, stared at Jean with a slight smile, and wickedly asked, "Honey, are you jealous?"

"Don't be foolish! I'm asking you a very serious question. Can you just give me a straight and honest answer?" Jean's face immediately flushed while he seriously tried to ask Zed.

"Alright. I will be honest with you. No matter how beautiful other women might be, and no matter how they seduce me, I would always stay away from them. That's because my innocent Jean had already taken my heart. Are you contented with my answer, honey?" Zed asked her with a bright smile.

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