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   Chapter 167 Zed Showed Up

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He couldn't help but widely open his eyes when he saw Zed's angry and dark face. Ethan froze in his place to his shock.

How did Zed go there?

Selena promised that she would handle Zed, But where was she that time?

Before Ethan could get back to his senses, Zed forcefully hit him again.


Since he was already in Zed's hands, he would not be able to get away from him.

When he thought about that, Ethan slowly closed his eyes, face turning dark and disappointed.

Zed didn't show mercy to Ethan. He hit him with all his strength.

Not long after, Ethan's face and body got bruised.

Jean felt sorry for Ethan and couldn't stand seeing what happened. So, she turned her eyes away from him.

That was Ethan's consequence for acting so rudely. He couldn't blame anyone else but himself.

But, Zed could kill him if he would continue beating him.

If Zed would ruin himself just because of Ethan, it would definitely not be worth it.

Thinking about that, Jean forced herself to step forward and ordered in a hoarse voice, "Zed, stop it."

Zed, whose face was still red because of his anger, abruptly stopped beating Ethan after he heard Jean's voice. Then, he turned to Jean with a surprised look and furiously asked her, "Are you begging for him?"

"No..." Jean knew that Zed must have misunderstood her. She hurriedly shook her head and gently said, "Even if he dies a thousand times, it won't take away my hatred for him. It's you that I'm worried about, Zed. If you beat him until he dies, you'll have to pay for it. Zed, think it over. It is not worthy. I don't want you put yourself into trouble. People like him will end up in misery. He will definitely be punished one day. I believe that karma is waiting for him."

"Jean, you are so weak." Zed mocked her while wearing his grumpy face. "You try to beg for him even after he did such a terrible thing to you, " Zed continued.

"I said that I'm not worried about him." Jean suddenly got anxious. She slowly walked towards Zed and held his hand, "Can't you see that? I'm losing my..."

Zed was stunned and got anxious after he felt the warmth on Jean's hand. He hastily lifted her and immediately strode outside.

"Don't worry, Jean. I'll take you to the hospital so

experience other ways of suffering? I've got tons of ways to make your life miserable, " said Zed.

"I believe you. What else can't you do?" Ethan replied without a slight concern on his face and laughed.

Zed frowned and disgustedly asked, "What are you laughing at?"

"Am I not allowed to laugh?" Ethan squinted at Zed. After a while, he started to laugh out loud again and even shed tears out of his joy.

Zed saw Ethan's mad situation and thought that there's no need to talk with or hit him anymore. So Zed just stood up and ignored Ethan. When he was about to leave, Ethan opened his mouth, "Zed, remember my words, If you want to spend your life with Jean, don't let her know who you really are." Ethan shouted at Zed's back.

Upon hearing him, Zed paused for a second and slowly turned around. Then, he glanced at Ethan with his blank face.

That time, a creepy and arrogant smile appeared on Ethan's severely swollen face.

Zed snorted at him and apathetically replied, "It's none of your business."

After he finished his words, Zed walked out of the room without any hesitation.

When he saw that Zed was leaving, Ethan wore an evil smile. His swollen eyes seemed to glimmer.

"Zed, do you really think I was just bluffing? If you think so, then you are wrong. God is fair. You and Jean are not meant to be together. Hahaha..."

Ethan couldn't help but laugh out even though it consequently pulled the cut on his face apart. Because of that, he trembled and curled up in pain.

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