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   Chapter 166 I Want You to Be My Woman

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"I know I cannot beat Zed, but I really want you to be my woman. As long as I have you, he definitely loses. Jean, I know I still have a place in your heart. Otherwise, you would've not cared and followed me the moment you knew that I was angry. And you even drank the wine. All those things prove that you still love me.

I know that you were just forced by your family to marry Zed. I will not let them bully you, Jean. I promise you! You just have to give yourself to me, and I will love you, take care of you and do everything just for you!" Ethan turned tender and said to Jean.

When Ethan saw that Jean couldn't fight effects of the drug anymore, he got courageous and bold. He teased and leaned his face close to her.

Jean took a deep breath and sighed.

She knew that she had to fight her drowsiness and stay sober.

Seeing Ethan put his hideous face close to her, Jean violently jabbed the piece of broken glass to her neck and warned him, "Stay away! If you take one more step forward, I will kill myself in front of you."

The cold tingling sensation brought her senses back. Then, she saw Ethan staring at her with his eyes wide opened. She thought that it was dangerous for her to stay there for even a few more seconds. So, she struggled to get back on her feet and yelled at Ethan, "If you want to die, then come here. Let's die together! I swear. I am not afraid to die this time, Ethan."

Jean pointed the broken glass at Ethan and staggered towards the door.

"Don't waste your strength, Jean. You wouldn't make it outside. And if any man see you outside, they would ask what happened to you. Would you let the men outside help you instead of me? They might hurt you even more. Just stay here."

Ethan tried to persuade her patiently.

"You beast…" Jean angrily stared at him and sneered, "I would rather be dead than to let you touch me."

"You cannot get out. I locked the door from outside when we came in. It will only be opened when the janitor comes here to clean tomorrow." Ethan remained calm wh

e up. Still, he didn't approach her.

Jean didn't want to hang half of her body on the rail, too. So, she climbed down from the top of the rail.

"You won, Jean." That time, Jean was already very exhausted and feeble. After he saw that Jean fell on the floor, Ethan said with a bitter voice, "I thought I could force you to make love with me. Then, I would have a place back in your heart. Now, my dream will never come true."

"Ethan, you always want to make out with other woman even if she doesn't like you. You are always like that - selfish. You never think about what other people would feel. If you insisted to make love with me, you could have destroyed both of our lives. Let me tell you for the last time: It will never work for both of us."

After he said her words, Jean closed her eyes breathlessly.

She could see that Ethan still felt ashamed from what he had done.

After a while, the door was opened.

Jean immediately opened her eyes and felt surprise. Her face stiffed when she saw the person behind the door.

Ethan heard the noise but he didn't turn to look back.

He still felt shock and depressed. If it wasn't because of his stupid moves, Jean could still have treated him nicely.

Suddenly, a big fist fiercely punched his face. He staggered backward and tried to get his balance while his face was burning in pain.

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