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   Chapter 165 Got Drugged

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"I... Don't want to go back to the hotel. Let's go to the hospital." Jean said to Ethan while she tried her best to stay conscious. Her pale face flushed at that moment. Though she was drunk, she still remembered that Maranda was in the hospital and needed her.

"No way. Look at you. You are so drunk. You need someone to look after you. Listen to me. I will drive you to the hotel." As he saw Jean's situation, Ethan hastily finished his words. He immediately started the car and drove towards the hotel.

"I have to... I have to go to the hospital." When she saw that they were heading to the hotel, Jean suddenly lost her patience and began to forcefully resist.

Ethan thought that he had no better choice but to comfort her. "Alright. Sit still. I will drive you to the hospital, " said Ethan.

After she heard that he would drive her to the hospital, Jean lifted the corner of her mouth and mumbled, "Go to the hospital now." Ethan's words calmed and settled Jean down.

When he saw that Jean already calmed herself down, Ethan quietly sighed. A smile immediately appeared on his face while a hint of indescribable feeling flashed in his eyes.

"I... I feel so hot... I'm not comfortable." Not long after Jean calmed down, she started to mumble unconsciously. It seemed like water was dripping on her body when she heavily sweated. Then, her cheeks flushed more. She felt so uncomfortable and helpless that she could barely mutter her anguish.

Things happened very quickly.

Ethan was stunned after he saw Jean's situation. He didn't realize that things would happen so fast. So, he strongly stepped on the accelerator and drove faster and faster.

"I feel so hot... I don't feel well..." Jean desperately pulled her clothes up as she wanted to feel cool. She felt like she was roasted in an oven, feeling so horrible and helpless.

"Wait a second. You'll be fine soon. Just hang on, Jean." Ethan said with an inexplicable low and hoarse voice. There seemed to be a slight hint of excitement in his voice.

When he saw Jean's face flushed strangely red, he got worried. He immediately dialed a number and said, "What's wrong? The drug worked even before we are able to get back to the hotel. Was the drug in the drink too much? Will it harm her?"

"Relax! Just enjoy yourself tonight!" Selena laughed over the phone with an ambiguous tone.

"Okay. Thank you!" When he heard what Selena said, Ethan instantl

hit it to the table that was made of glass.

The vase quickly broke into pieces and scattered all over the floor.

Jean picked up a piece of glass and tightly held it. While she was fiercely glaring at him, she pointed the glass on her neck.

Ethan was shocked by what he saw. Then, he thoughtlessly mumbled, "Weren't you knocked out by the drug? Why were you able to wake up?"

"You just admitted it. You really put a drug in my drink. Did you know why I was able to wake up? It's because a dirty trick like drugs can't cover my disgust for you, " said Jean. Sarcasm could clearly be seen all over her face.

Actually, the situation was not as easy as how she reacted that time. In fact, her heart was beating rapidly while her mind was persuading her to beat the man standing naked in front of her at the time.

Her blood rushed through her veins in distress. If it wasn't for determination and the slight energy left, she would have not been conscious, and would have totally lost her mind.

'I'm sorry, Zed.

I was so careless and fell into Ethan's trap.

In the end, my sympathy for Ethan gave him the chance to set me up.

I'm sorry. If I couldn't get away from this situation tonight, then I won't have the courage to face you again.'

"Don't force yourself, Jean. I know you can barely hold it now." Ethan's eyes glimmered. When he saw that Jean's face flushed while she was heavily sweating, a wicked smile immediately appeared on his face. "I did it. So what? I'm not afraid to tell you. I don't want to be just your friend, Jean. I want you to be my lover, " said Ethan, gritting his teeth.

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