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   Chapter 164 Ethan, I Think I Am Drunk

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Jean, who felt terribly regretful about the decision she had made, was about to cry that time.

She should've not cared if Ethan got angry or misunderstood her.

She should've not gone with him.

Ethan was madly speeding the car like a crazy man.

He could even lose his own life because of what he was doing!

When Jean was about to throw her dinner up, Ethan finally stopped the car.

Then Jean hurriedly got out of the car, leaned on it and started to vomit with a sour face.

Seeing her miserable face, Ethan felt deeply concerned about her. Yet, he just silently walked past her and put different kinds of expression on his face. Finally, he made up his mind and strode forward.

After she vomited, Jean felt so much better. When she raised her head, face pale, Jean saw Ethan walking into a pub.

Jean couldn't decide whether she would follow him or not, because the pub seemed to look chaotic and unsafe.

Should she follow him?

If she wouln't, where would she go?

Ethan wanted to have a drink because he was feeling bad about what had happened.

Jean was obviously the reason why Ethan was in such a bad mood.

Jean pressed her lips, deeply sighed and followed him with heavy steps.

Unexpectedly, the atmosphere inside the pub was not that bad. The low music inside was perfectly combined with the warm lighting.

Jean calmed herself down before she tried to find Ethan. After a while, she found him sitting alone at the bar counter while drinking his wine.

When she finally found him, Jean's heartbeat seemed to slow down. She hurriedly walked towards him and snatched his glass which he had just refilled. "Do you want to die?" Jean angrily shouted to him.

"You unreasonably blamed, scolded and hated me the whole night. What else would you do to me now? Jean, what have I done wrong for you to treat me like that?" Ethan raised his head and showed his face that was full of sorrow. He looked at Jean and sadly said, "I am just drinking wine. Does this also bother you?"

"No. It's not like that." Jean sighed, sat beside Ethan an

ght, Jean?" After he saw that Jean heavily coughed, Ethan bent down and gently asked.

"I'm... I'm alright." Jean shook her head and slowly stood up.

All of a sudden, she felt dizzy.

She should've not got drunk so soon.

Was it because of that strong alcohol?

Jean blinked her eyes. When she saw Ethan's concerned face, Jean smiled and said, "Ethan, as what we've agreed, don't be angry anymore."

"Jean, how are you feeling? Are you fine?" Ethan worriedly asked, as if he hadn't heard her words.

Jean was moved deep down in heart. Then, she waved her hands and said, "I'm fine. I'm alright. Don't worry. It was only a glass of wine."

While she was speaking, Jean loudly belched.

Ethan's facial expressions suddenly changed. He took several hundred notes out from his wallet, grabbed Jean and walked outside.

"Ethan... Where are you taking me?" Jean shook her head and felt like everything around her was spinning.

Hallucination. It must have been hallucination.

Jean shook her head again and felt something wrong.

"Ethan... I think I am drunk." Jean said with her tongue twisted.

"I know." Ethan grabbed her and walked hurriedly. After they reached the car, he opened the car's door and got her inside. Then, he fastened her seat belt while he tried to comfort her by saying, "Don't worry. I'll bring you back to the hotel. We'll get there soon."

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