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   Chapter 161 What Do You Want

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Jean was brought back from her contemplation. She raised her eyes and looked at Maranda. Her expression conveyed the shock she felt.

Even more surprising was Maranda's expression. Her face was full of bitterness, sorrow, and resignation.

"Don't tell me that you passed out because of this news." Jean asked gingerly.

"Partly, yes. I admit that I was shocked, overwhelmed even. But the girl…" Maranda's face paled as she spoke about her feelings.

"It's all right, " Jean comforted her friend. "This has nothing to do with us. That girl he likes could be a fairy or a monster, it doesn't matter. If he doesn't like you, then it just shows that he has bad taste. Maranda, you need to get better. You will find your true love sooner or later. It is just a matter of time."

Jean showed no interest in learning more about the girl John liked. She focused entirely on her friend.

Maranda was deeply touched and she threw herself into Jean's arms.

"Hey, be careful. You are still on the IV." Jean exclaimed with surprise. Maranda could have hurt herself!

Maranda shook her head as guilt flooded her.

She had once suspected that Jean was deceiving her as Jean had already known who John loved.

However, just now…

Maranda suddenly despised herself.

'Jean has done everything a good friend should. How could I suspect her of withholding a secret from me?

Jean probably didn't know! If she did then John wouldn't have warned me not to tell her.'

Maranda felt such deep regret that she wanted to sob like a child. 'Jean, I am sorry. I doubted you and questioned you.


Jean would never know what Maranda was feeling and thinking.

Perhaps she saw Maranda as some sort of spoiled princess.

Someone who refused to face reality when she didn't get what she desired.

Of course, Jean wouldn't know that she was the monster being accused of.

"Jean, don't you want to know about the girl John loves? You know her too." Maranda was beating herself up inside. She decided that the only way she would feel better is to tell the truth.

She wouldn't wrong Jean again. And, Jean had the right to know the truth as well.

Otherwise, if Zed found out later, this secret might cause misunderstandings between him and Jean. That Maranda certainly did not want.

Jean shrugged and replied, "I really don't care. I don't want to know. This has nothing to do with us an

call. Jean could feel the warmth and tenderness with which Zed was speaking.

"Zed…" Jean found it hard to think of what to say to him. Guilt flooded her as she continued, "I am sorry. Something happened and I cannot make it back tonight."

"What's going on?" Zed paused before asking. He knew something would happen! Something always happened! This was why he worried about Jean when she traveled.

"It is Maranda. She's got the stomach flu. She is still in the hospital. Don't worry about her. They will release her tomorrow and then we will return." Jean hoped that her brief explanation, minus all the details, would not distress Zed too much.

"Tomorrow?" Zed repeated. He couldn't seem to accept that.

"Yeah. Anyway, don't wait up for me. You just got better. So go to bed early. After I get back tomorrow, I will come directly to your office. And we will go home together, OK?" Jean tried to sound cheerful as she made this promise hoping that it would please Zed.

Zed stayed silent as he mulled over what Jean said. Then he sighed and ended the call without saying anything else.

Jean stared at the phone in dismay. Did Zed take the news badly? How could he be so upset as to end the call without so much as a goodbye?

This man was so impolite.

'I knew you are upset, but you could say goodbye at least.

What the hell was that?' Jean thought as she glared at the phone.

Did Zed want her to feel guilty about something like this?

Jean sighed heavily and walked to Maranda's bed.

The door opened at that moment and John entered with boxes of food in two bags.

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