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   Chapter 160 Sorry To Worry You

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When Jean and John heard what the stranger had said to them, they exchanged surprised glances. When the shock wore off and they thought that perhaps Maranda had fainted, they became concerned.

Jean and John turned to face the stranger. They saw a middle-aged security guard. At their lack of response, the guard spurred them into action by saying, "She is in the clinic now. She looks terrible. You need to take her to the hospital at once."

Jean and John asked for directions to the clinic. As soon as the guard told them where to go, the two set off.

By the time they reached the clinic, John and Jean were breathless. They had run the whole way without stopping. When they entered the ward, they saw Maranda lying in bed. Her eyes were closed and she looked extremely pale.

Jean's body trembled with shock. She couldn't believe that just a few minutes ago she had been day-dreaming about a life with Zed in a beautiful, remote setting while Maranda had been so sick that she had fainted. What could have happened? She cried as she ran toward the bed, "How could this happen? Maranda, what's wrong with you? You looked all right when we got out of the taxi. But now? You look awful. What happened to you to make you look like this?"

"She's got acute gastroenteritis. We have already contacted the nearest hospital. The ambulance is on it's way. She will be fine. Don't be so worried." The doctor explained quickly. He seemed to be skillful at handling matters like this. He sighed as he continued, "Is she your friend? How did it get this bad? Was she feeling unwell prior to fainting? Had she gone to the hospital when she first started feeling sick, she would not be suffering like this. Now that her condition is getting worse, she has no other choice but to be hospitalized."

"As long as she will recover, it doesn't matter how long she needs to be in the hospital." Jean hurried to explain to the doctor.

"Acute gastroenteritis is not a serious disease. When Maranda reaches the hospital, the doctors there will have the facilities to care for her better. She will be all right soon." John, who was standing beside Jean stayed silent. He didn't know what to say. After a long while, he patted Jean on the shoulder and said, "She will be fine." Jean looked at John with a concerned expression and asked, "Really?"

"Yes. Believe me." John nodded his head firmly as reassurance to Jean.

Upon hearing the doctor's prognosis and John's comforting words, Jean began to feel a little better. Although her heart settled, tears still rolled down her cheeks.

'This is all my fault. If I had not been so careless, Maranda would never have been in this position. I should have insisted that she visit the hospital before we left for the shoot.

That way, we could have caught her illness before it reached the point where she needed hospitalization.'

Jean let out a rather long sigh. She bit her lip as she waited anxiously for the ambulance to arrive. When Maranda moaned in pain, Jean's hand flew to her chest as though she were feeling the same pain.

The ambulance came within minutes. The nursers and doctors in the clinic helped put Maranda into the ambulance.

Jean and John climbed in after Maranda had been settled.

Ten minutes later, the ambulance arrived at the hospital.

Several people dressed in white cloaks and masks rushed to the ambulance. They gently placed Maranda on a wheeled stretcher and pushed it toward the emergency r

charge her." The attending doctor took off his mask and said patiently.

"She fell down when she fainted. Did she not hurt herself? Can she still leave the hospital tomorrow?" John was a little amazed that Maranda had not been seriously hurt when she fell. And so, he asked the doctor. He had thought that Maranda's condition was terrible. But according to what the doctor had said, she was fine.

"Fainting is not a symptom of acute gastroenteritis. If you are worried about her, you can take her for a thorough check-up." The doctor advised.

"No. I am much better now." Maranda heard what the doctor said and rushed to explain. She did not want to make things more complicated than they already were. So she continued, "I wasn't feeling well in the afternoon. And I went to the bathroom many times. Over the past few days, I have been weak as well. Also, the long journey used a lot of my energy. All of these must have led me to faint."

"We'd better take you for a thorough check-up so that we can be sure." Jean stood by the stretcher and persuaded Maranda to listen to the doctor's suggestion.

"I don't need a check-up. I am aware of my condition. Don't waste more time than is necessary. I am certain that I will be fine by morning." Maranda shook her head and looked at Jean with big, firm eyes.

"Ok then." Jean had to give in when she saw Maranda's determination. She knew that no matter what she said, Maranda would not change her mind.

As Maranda was being wheeled to the ward, Jean walked alongside.

Once everything was settled, the women heard John speak, "It is time for dinner. I am going to buy some food."

John walked out the ward before any of the women could say anything.

Jean was surprised. She looked at John with a puzzled expression. She was deep in thought.

Did what she had said hurt John? Jean admitted that she had been anxious at that time.

And she had spoken too quickly. Since Jean had not stopped to think before speaking, she had said things that she normally would not have. Now Jean could see that she was being unreasonable. It wasn't John's fault that Maranda had fainted.

She thought that she needed to find time to apologize to John.

"Jean, I figured it out. John is in love with someone else. That is why he refused me." Maranda whispered.

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