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   Chapter 158 Consumed With Jealousy

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Jean watched as Ethan climbed out from his luxury car and walked to the passenger side. Then he opened the door for Selena with a smile.

He extended his hand to Selena and helped her exit the car. Jean raised an eyebrow when she saw them still holding hands as they walked. Selena was seductively dressed and walked gracefully. Selena's eyes were fixed on Ethan, and she wore a charming smile.

After a few steps, Ethan felt as though someone was staring at him. He looked around casually.

When he spotted Jean, his smile turned into an expression of embarrassment.

Concerned that Jean would misunderstand his relationship with Selena, Ethan immediately released Selena's hand.

When Ethan had seen Jean, he had become anxious. But he quickly calmed down. With a smile, he walked toward them leisurely. "Jean, what are you doing here?" he said happily.

'It's a small world!'

Jean thought.

Why would she meet Ethan wherever she went? He had followed her on purpose to the shoot location before. But what about this time?

She didn't know about today's schedule until the night before. How could he know it? Could this be a coincidence?

Besides, the last time they met, Ethan had promised that they would be friends and nothing more.

'I'm overthinking the situation. I should stop doing that.' Jean scolded herself. She needed to stop assuming the worst about people.

Jean forced herself to smile as she answered Ethan, "We are working here. What about you... or you two?"

Jean asked hesitantly.

"The scenery here is beautiful. Miss Miao and I are on vacation. So we thought we'd come by to have a look. It also seemed like a good time to talk about a business proposal." Ethan smiled as though there was nothing unusual about this chance meeting.

Everyone knew that the Lei Group was the market leader for male electronic products. How odd that they would invite a female star to endorse their products! Apparently, talking about the cooperation was just an excuse. Going on vacation with the beautiful Selena must be Ethan's real purpose. That was not surprising as he had always been a womanizer.

Not wanting to spend more time than necessary with Ethan, Jean smiled and bade him goodbye, "That sounds great. Don't let me keep you. Have a good day."

As soon as she finished, Jean walked toward her colleagues.

"Jean..." Ethan said as Jean turned away from him. Hearing his call, she turned and looked at him in surprise. And then Ethan smiled quickly and said, "Since now is not the best time to catch up, how about we meet for dinner? You can call your colleagues, and they can dine with us."

He invited Jean's crew as well. He knew that she would never agree to dine with him alone. And so, this was the best way to get her to agree.

"We..." Jean started, but her mind went blank. She wanted to refuse as she didn't want to get involved with Ethan and Selena. However, she didn't know how to let him down politely. And so she said, "Let's talk about it later. Bye!"

After that Jean waved to Ethan an

and how Maranda had felt, she would have resigned and gotten as far away from John as possible.

'If it hadn't been for Jean...'

When Maranda thought of it, she could not help smiling.

'If Jean hadn't criticized me, how could I continue to stay in the company? It was impossible to know John's tender side at this time too.

Although he would not say thoughtful words, what he did was enough to show his consideration.

That was enough.'

Maranda sighed contentedly. Despite what had happened, she would be okay with working with John.

In doing so, she would be able to ensure that he was all right. She could even steal sly glances at him. To be able to adore him from afar was a compromise that Maranda was willing to make.

Just then, Jean's cell phone rang.

All three co-workers were shaken from their thoughts at the shrill ringtone.

Jean stopped gnawing her fingernails and hurriedly took out her cell phone from her bag. When she saw that Zed was calling her, guilt engulfed Jean.

She suddenly remembered promising Zed that she would call as soon as she had arrived at their destination. Jean had known that Zed was worried about her and a timely phone call from her would have settled him.

However, after they got off the bus, Maranda had felt unwell, and Jean had been pre-occupied with taking care of her friend. She had forgotten to call Zed.

'He...won't be angry, will he?'

Jean wondered as she looked at the word, husband, flickering on her cell phone screen. Unsure of what Zed's reaction would be, Jean hesitated.

"Jean, why don't you answer the phone?" Maranda asked curiously.

She had glanced at Jean when her phone had begun to ring. Upon glimpsing at the phone in Jean's hand, Maranda saw that Zed was calling. What was stopping Jean from taking his call? Maranda couldn't figure it out. After all, they had just left Zed at the bus station, and now he was calling. That implied that he was considerate and affectionate. Zed must love her very much to worry about her so much.

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