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   Chapter 155 It Is John Again

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"What's wrong? Why shouldn't I pick you up tomorrow? Won't you work tomorrow?" Zed asked Jean while he was looking at his iPad.

Jean shook her head and replied in a low voice, "No. We will have an outdoor photo shoot at the neighboring city tomorrow. I will be back on the same day if everything goes well.

Zed didn't ignore their past issue. He looked up and asked Jean, "When will you come back if it won't go well?"

Jean knew what he was worried about. So, she hurriedly explained, "It will take two or three days if we would accidentally encounter any problem. Just take it easy! What happened last time will not happen again. A female colleague will go for the photo shoot with me tomorrow."

Zed felt a little relieved after he heard that a female colleague would go with her. However, he still frowned and asked, "Don't tell me that John will also go with you."

It was just his guess, but he didn't expect that Jean would nod and reply, "Yeah! He is our chief photographer for this outdoor photo shoot. Of course, he will go with us. He is in charge of this photo shoot."

After he heard Jean's words, Zed suddenly pulled a long face. Then, he asked her with a deep voice, "Then, why should you go there, too?"

Jean couldn't help but burst into laughter when she saw Zed's grumpy face.

At that moment, she finally realized that Zed was cautious about John.

No wonder why Zed argued with her all their way back home when he saw that Jean walked out of the company with John after they got off work.

Jean was smart. She wouldn't let the same mistake appear again after what happened between her and Zed the other day.

"Both Maranda and I are interns, so we still can't have major responsibilities. Don't worry. I will take care of myself." After that, Jean frivolously shook Zed's arm.

Zed helplessly sighed. He stared at Jean and asked, "How can I not worry? I'm afraid that what happened to you in the Kim village would happen again."

Jean shook his arms again and smiled, "John and Maranda will be with me there. We will look after each other."

Zed retorted, "I have asked you to quit your job,

er, so she hurriedly ran downstairs.

"Don't worry. If you'll really be late, they will wait for you." 'It would be better if you'll be late. If they can't wait, John and Maranda would just leave.' Zed thought to himself.

'He would be delighted if Jean wouldn't go to the photo shoot. He could just quickly drive her there if she really has to go there anyway.'

Zed was expecting that things would turn out as what he wished, and enjoyed his breakfast at ease.

However, Jean had no idea about what he was thinking at all.

She just anxiously stared at Zed who was slowly chewing the food in his mouth and said, "Zed, I am really going to be late. I will just take a taxi."

Zed looked up and slowly took a glance at Jean. His heart was suddenly softened when he discerned the fluster on her face. "No, I will drive you there, " replied Zed immediately.

After he finished his words, he didn't continue eating. Instead, he took his coat and immediately walked outside.

Jean was relieved when she found that Zed was already moving. She hurriedly followed behind him.

Jean was anxious all the way to their company and glanced at her watch from time to time. Fortunately, Zed drove Jean to the bus station on time.

Their destination was not so far. The three of them would take a bus there. By the way, they could see and appreciate the scenery along the way. It would be a comfortable choice for them.

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