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   Chapter 154 You Are My Wife

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"I..." Maranda pondered and didn't answer Jean's question for a long time.

Seeing Maranda acting like that, Jean suddenly sighed. She stood up from her seat and walked towards Maranda. "Maranda, I'm not trying interfere with your decision. But, I hope that you won't regret your decision in the future, " said Jean while putting her hands on Maranda's shoulder.

"I see." After that, Maranda slowly wore a remorseful smile on his face. With her eyes full of gratitude, she looked at Jean and said, "Thank you, Jean! You are right, I shouldn't be stubborn and should just leave people behind. Jean, you will help me, right?"

Maranda gently asked Jean with her high-spirited face.

"As long as I'm able, I will certainly help you." Jean sighed and happily promised Maranda.

"You really are my best friend, Jean." Maranda was delighted. She quickly jumped into Jean's arms and tightly hugged her.

"Well, you are not a child anymore, so don't behave like this. Other people would surely laugh at us if they see us here." Jean smiled helplessly.

"I don't care. Please allow me to be childish this time." Maranda held Jean tightly and refused to let her go.

"What… What are you two doing?" Maranda and Jean suddenly heard a familiar voice. Maranda, who refused to let go of Jean a few seconds ago, seemed to have been stung by bees. She abruptly released Jean and took a few steps backward.

"No… nothing…" Maranda was too nervous to look at John who was standing opposite to them.

She acted like a coward mouse in front of John. After she saw what just happened, Jean was lost in her thought and just smiled.

'Will every woman turn so timid whenever she faces the man she likes?'

Jean couldn't help recalling every detail that happened the other day. She felt a bit remorseful about how she behaved yesterday.

'If I didn't argue with Zed that day, and if I just tried to speak with him gently and compromised with him, would the result be different?

It is true that the onlookers can see most clearly while those closely involved cannot see clearly.

I have to control my temper next time.

Even if he loves me, I shoul

suggestively said, "You can tear that apart now."

"Of course." Maranda smiled happily and immediately ripped her resignation letter into pieces.

After work, Jean walked out of the company. The familiar luxury car at the most noticeable place came into her sight immediately. All passers-by looked at the car enviously.

Jean softly sighed and quickly walked towards the car.

When she opened the door, Jean saw that Zed was looking at the iPad on his hand. Jean felt a bit guilty that time.

Though it was Zed's choice to go there and personally pick her up, she still felt worried about his health. She saw that he seemed to be very busy.

After he heard the noise from the car's door, Zed looked up and saw Jean's complicated facial expression. He immediately smiled and said, "Jean, don't be guilty. I can always do my job anytime, but I can only do my job to my wife once in a while."

"Yeah, I understand. But Qi Group is so big that it would make you very busy every day. Yet, you still…" Before Jean could finished her words, Zed stopped her by putting his finger on her lips.

"Shh…" Zed stared at her with deep affection and gently said, "Jean, you are my wife. You need to remember that."

When Jean looked at his gentle facial expression, her heart immediately warmed. She couldn't help but nod.

She leaned her head against his shoulder and gently said, "Zed, you don't need to pick me up tomorrow."

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