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   Chapter 153 Even You Turned Your Back On Me

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"What did you say?" Jean didn't know that she could laugh and cry at the same time over it. She thought that Zed became more and more irrational.

"The whole H City already knew that you are my husband. Why should I feel embarrassed?" Jean said with slight submission.

What she said somehow made sense.

Zed contentedly nodded and said, "Okay, fine. Time to work. Wait for me at the gate when you get off work."

Zed said and waved goodbye to Jean.

"Okay. Be careful on your way to work." Jean reminded.

"Sure." Zed reluctantly took his last glance at her and started the car.

When Jean walked a few steps away, she saw her colleagues who stood on the side. Their face clearly showed their envy to her and they said, "Was it Zed, Jean? Did he drive you here? You are really in love with each other!"

Jean slightly smiled and didn't say anything.

Some people really liked to gossip. You would know that they are addicted to it if you give them a bit of information.

And nodding politely and keeping silent would be the best way to shut their mouths.

Her colleagues who was treated coldly could not do anything but look at her back in despise.

'How arrogant you are!

You're just lucky because you married a rich man. Or else, you are nothing.

Don't be so assured!

One day, Zed will get tired of you and you could do nothing but cry your eyes out.'

Jean never expected that her colleagues would satisfy their addiction by talking about her behind her back.

When she got to her seat, she was surprised after she found out that Maranda was not there yet.

The colleague who sat next to her, found out that Jean was watching Maranda's seat. She leaned and asked Jean inquisitively, "Jean, it was said that Maranda already resigned. You two are good friends, right? Didn't she tell you anything?"

"What?" Jean felt so shocked and looked at her colleague dumbfoundedly.

"It's true. They said that she submitted her resignation letter yesterday. That's why she hadn't still showed up until this time yet." The colleague

a's face suddenly darkened while she blankly stared at Jean.

"Your words yesterday were firmly imprinted in my heart. If you don't want to let yourself down, then think about why you came here in the first place. That's all I can say as your friend, Maranda." After she finished her words, Jean turned her back on Maranda and fixed her eyes at the computer screen.

"Jean…" Maranda bit her lip and walked towards Jean. "Can we talk somewhere else?" asked Maranda while looking at Jean.

"Sorry. I don't have any time." Jean ruthlessly turned her down.

"Jean, please don't..." Tears suddenly fell down from Maranda's eyes. She compassionately looked at Jean and said, "I only have one friend here. It is you. Please don't turn your back on me."

"Your actions would determine if I would turn my back on you or not, Maranda. It's always up to you. You know why John refused you without any hesitation? It was him who told me who you really are." Jean sighed and replied to her. After she noticed that Maranda was crying, her heart softened.

"John?" To her surprise, Maranda's eyes turned wide open.

"Why did you work here? As our boss' best assistant, it was not very surprising for him to know who you really are." Jean sighed and continued, "Do you really want to be laughed at by your family just because of him? Do you really want to see people mock you?"

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