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   Chapter 152 Honey, Do You Love Me

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'He could not fall in love with anyone else?'

John seemed to be very faithful to the one he loves.

While he thought about that, Zed's eyes slightly squinted and his face turned a little cold.

If anyone dared to cast covetous looks on his woman, Zed would surely give him hard time.

"Do you feel fine? Don't you have headache?" Jean immediately asked Zed when she saw that Zed furrowed his eyebrows.

"I am fine." Zed took a look at Jean and said, "Come on. Let's go downstairs and have breakfast. I will drive you to your company then."

"I'm fine. I will just take a taxi if you are busy." Jean kindly replied while she was following Zed downstairs.

Zed, who walked before Jean, suddenly stopped, gazed at her and seriously said, "I will drive you to your company and pick you up after work from now on. I will ask a driver to pick you up if I get really busy with my work."

"You don't really need to do that." After hearing what Zed said, Jean suddenly frowned and said, "It will bother you a lot if you do that."

"No, it won't bother me at all. You are my wife and that is what I should do." Zed affectionately took a glance at Jean and continued going downstairs.

Jean looked at Zed's back rigorously. She thought that Zed behaved a bit strange that day.

She even felt that it was not because he really cared about her, but because he wanted to monitor her.

'Did he already forgive me for what happened yesterday?'

Thinking about that, Jean's heart suddenly became heavy and walked forward weightily.

Zed was her husband. So, she couldn't reject his kindness, Unless she could find a reasonable excuse.

However, Zed might still not agree with her even if she could decline him with a reasonable excuse that time.

Jean had to accept that what happened the other day was a great lesson for her.

'Forget it. I didn't and won't do anything wrong anyway. So, whatever he will do won't affect me.'

At the thought of that, Jean felt relieved and went downstairs to enjoy her breakfast.

After their breakfast, Jean walked out of their house behind Zed.

They both got into the car. After he fastened his seatbelt, Zed took a look at Jean who kept silent and asked her in a low voice, "What's wrong? Aren't you happy because I d

ow if you really love me or not." Though joy and excitement could clearly be seen in his eyes, Zed seriously said to her, "You hesitated to answer my question. That only means that you don't really love me."

After he finished his words, Zed looked at her with disappointment.

"No, I surely… I love you." Jean murmured like a baby. She was really shy.

"So, you sincerely replied that you love me too when I said I love you last night, didn't you?" Zed teasingly asked her.

'How did he know?'

Jean was baffled and stared at him in shock.

Zed felt happier after he saw her reaction.

"Honey, we're here." He was just happily talking with his wife. Zed felt a bit discontented when he thought about why they arrived at her workplace so fast.

When she found out that they already arrived, Jean hurriedly picked up her bag and immediately got out of his car.

Jean ruggedly swung the car's door and closed it. When she was about to leave, she heard that Zed was affectionately calling her.


"Don't call me like that outside." After she looked around and found out that no one noticed them, Jean hurriedly bent down and replied to Zed in a low voice. She felt very embarrassed whenever Zed called her so affectionately in public.

"You are my wife. I have the right to do that." Zed turned a bit grumpy and said, "Do you feel embarrassed when I am with you? You don't want others to know our relationships, do you?"

Unhappiness could be somehow noticed from his knitted eyebrows.

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