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   Chapter 151 An Restless man

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Jean bent and leaned on Zed's chest. She could clearly feel his chest rise and fall to his uneven breaths. Her face became more reddish as she rose and fell along with Zed's chest.

'Zed is still a restless man even if he is drunk.' Jean pondered to herself.

She tried to get up from Zed's chest. But Zed pitifully groaned when she had just made a small movement.

She couldn't do anything but sigh deeply because she was afraid to make any more movement. Having no idea what to do, she just lay on Zed's chest quietly.

'Do I need to be in this position for the whole night?

No way! I must get up and make a glass of honey water for Zed. It will surely help him sober up when he drinks it.

Or else, he will have an extreme headache when he gets up tomorrow.' Jean thought to herself.

Jean raised her head slowly. After she saw that Zed became calmer, she silently got up. Because of the difficulty, she could only break free from Zed's hand that held her tightly bit by bit.

Jean was very happy when their hands separated from each other. After a while, she cautiously jumped out of bed.


Just when Jean tried to carefully walk out the room, she heard Zed calling her from her back.

"Are you awake, Zed?" Jean abruptly stopped when she heard Zed's calling her. She thought that Zed was already awake, so she turned around and delightfully walked towards him.

But she found out that Zed was still closing his eyes tightly and he was just calling her name unconsciously. "Jean… Don't be angry... Don't be angry at me."

At that moment, Jean's smiling face seemed to shrink. She was touched by what Zed unconsciously said and affectionately stared at his handsome face. The love she had for Zed could be clearly seen in her eyes.

"Please don't be angry. I did not mean to do it. I love you so much..."

'How could you hurt me, and then say that you deeply love me to excuse yourself?' Feeling sorrowful, Jean thought to herself.

After she heard what Zed said, Jean could not keep her tears from falling down from her eyes.

'You wrongly accused me. Zed, how could you argue with me just because you felt angry?' Don't you know that what you did hurt me a lot? More than that, what you did could cut our relationship just like a knife.

Then, you just left me alone here while you drank somewhere?' Jean kept thinking.

Before she walked towards the bedside, Jean took a deep breath.

"Jean... I love you."

When she approached Zed, Jean could only hear Zed repeatedly say that he loved her.

"You are really a fool!" Although Jean had a lot of resentments and anger in her heart, all those bad emotions vanished away after she

stared at her. "Jean, I will not stop you if you want to go to work. And I promise, I will control my temper next time. But can you promise me one thing, too?"

"What?" Jean was startled to see Zed changed his tone. He suddenly sounded so serious.

"Could you stop smiling at those people who seem to love you?" Zed flushed a little and asked Jean in a hesitant tone.

"What are you talking about? What do you mean? Who do you mean when you mentioned those people who seem to love me?" Jean, who was totally confused that time, dazzlingly looked at Zed.

"I am talking about Ethan Lei and... John." After he directly mentioned those two names, he was immediately relieved.

"I can understand if you mean Ethan Lei. But, I can't seem to understand why you said that John loves me?" Jean smiled and rolled her eyes before she said, "You misunderstood him. John loves someone and I am sure that it's not me."

The expression showed on Zed's face changed. He asked nervously, "Did he admit that to you?"

"Yes! There is a girl who likes John very much in our company. She confessed her feeling to him yesterday. However, he refused her. Then John told me that he already loved someone, and he could not fall in love with anyone else. So, Zed, don't worry. If you think that there's something special about me, you are wrong. In fact, I am just an ordinary woman in other people's eyes." Jean thoroughly explained while she thought that Zed was acting so funny.

Zed stared at her with his deep eyes. He knew that Jean was really careless, but he didn't expect that she could be so naive when it came to love.

When he found out that Jean didn't know that John had feelings for her, Zed decided that he would not tell her the truth. He decided to let Jean find it for herself.

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