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   Chapter 150 . Quarrel Escalated

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That situation almost drove Zed crazy.

His chest was breathing deeply while his eyes were wide open.

Zed was just gazing at Jean. At that moment, he was in deep sorrow. His handsome face looked cold and gloomy.

He really wanted to punish Jean toughly. However, he became tender when he noticed Jean's fear and pain on her face.

Suddenly, he realized that Jean had only smiled politely back to John when they walked out together. 'Damn it. It was John whose expressions showed his love for Jean.'

Jean... Jean...

Zed felt really complicated every time when he thought of that name. He felt jealous when Jean talked or smiled to other men. However, he felt happy when he recalled his wonderful time with Jean.

Was he just overthinking? Did he go too far and try to dominate her?

Zed frowned while he trembled. He quickly loosened his hand off Jean's chin when he saw that she looked very upset. He even noticed that she was hardly breathing.

While Jean was trying to breathe fresh air, her hatred towards Zed slowly disappeared.

She had distinguished the suffering on Zed's face. 'Why did he become so aggressive when he saw I walked out with John?

Perhaps, it is just normal. He also got angry a lot of times because of Ethan. They have even treated each other coldly for several days.

But the past is in the past and everything has already changed.'

Jean snapped out of her deep thought, raised her head and stared at Zed.

Zed had completely calmed himself down. He just blankly stared at Jean's chin. Regret could be clearly seen in his eyes. Because he had clasped Jean's chin with great strength, her fair tender skin turned a bit red.

His throat moved a little. Zed really wanted to say something, yet he could not say anything even if he tried to open his mouth several times.

Feeling agitated, he took his eyes off her and didn't dare to cast one more glance at Jean.

Jean noticed all his reactions. She really wished to compassionately forgive him and say something to comfort him.

However, she thought that they might argue and fight again if Zed would continue to be mean, and she would just continue to be meek.

Hence, she had to force herself to be ruthless and pretended that she hadn't seen his reactions.

Zed was still driving gently that time. After a short while, they arrived at their villa.

Before the car could be parked, Jean i

strength. When they reached the second floor, Zack felt breathless.

"Mr. Xing, have a glass of water! Thank you so much for your help." Jean saw that Zack was heavily gasping for air. She poured a glass of water and immediately gave it to him.

Zack got the glass and drank the water. After he wiped the sweat off his face, he immediately said that he would leave.

Only Jean and Zed were left inside the bedroom. But Zed was still unconscious.

Jean saw that Zed staggered forward and fell on the bed. She helped and lifted him to get him back on the bed. Then, she knelt to take his shoes and socks off.

Zed turned over and over on the bed. She thought that the coat he was wearing may make him uncomfortable. She stood up again and took off his coat.

That drunk man always changed his sleeping positions. It seemed like he couldn't sleep well that time.

His eyebrows were tightly knitted even when he was asleep. Maybe, he was still upset.

'Why did you act so stupid and go out to drink?

It is normal for us to have an argument sometimes. But you can't ruin your body every time you are angry!'

Jean muttered to herself while she tried hard to take Zed's coat off.

When she felt relieved and was about to go downstairs to prepare a glass of honey water for him, she was suddenly held by a big hand. Zed pulled her hand with a bit strength. Jean's body eventually clung to Zed's strong and broad chest.

Jean suddenly felt nervous when she noticed that she was so close to his body. Though she knew that Zed was still unconscious, she was nearly tempted by what he did.

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