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   Chapter 149 Get Mad for Jealousy

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'Was I too obvious?' Jean thought to herself.

"Jean, after I carefully thought about it, I've decided to hide my love for him. I don't want to bother and be a burden to him." Finally, Maranda made a decision after thinking for a long time.

Jean was suddenly shocked and gazed at Maranda in amazement after she heard what Maranda said. "Was it my fault? Did I go too far and embarrass you?" Jean asked while wearing a bitter smile.

"No, I know that you did that because you are concerned about me. I am truly grateful for your help, Jean. You did that for me willingly. It means that you really treat me as your friend. But John..." She deeply sighed and continued, "Even if I am stupid, I could clearly see that he won't like me. He even doesn't throw a glance at me."

'Has Maranda known that John already loved someone else?' Jean thought to herself. "Why?"

She asked Maranda in amazement.

It was because John chose to love another woman.

A gloomy smile appreared on Maranda's face. When she looked at Jean's concerned and innocent face, Maranda just shook her head and said, "Don't mind it, Jean. Just let nature take its course. As what you've said, John is not the only man in the world. Perhaps a better man out there is waiting for me."

Jean felt that it was needless to say anything more since Maranda had clearly conveyed her thoughts and already made her decision.

Instead, she just patted Maranda on her shoulder to comfort her. Then, she went back to her seat wearing a long face.

Jean immediately threw herself to her work after she adjusted her state of mind.

After she finished all her jobs, she heaved a long sigh of relief. She was about to have a short rest when her cellphone rang.

She picked her cellphone up, and found out that it was from Zed. She hurriedly answered the phone call.

"Aren't you done with your jobs yet? I saw that all your colleagues already left." Zed asked her on the other end of the line.

'All of them have left?'

Jean raised her head, feeling so shocked. It was not until that moment that she realized that she was the only one left in the company.

She stuck her tongue out anxiously and replied to Zed, "Please wait for me. I will be there in a moment."

After she hung the pho

d laughing. Jean Wen, I finally know now. You were just acting in front of me and you're trying to make me a fool. Am I right? Do you feel accomplished now? Just tell me the truth. Apart from John, are you also flirting with other men?"

"It is you who is flirting with a lot of women!" Jean unexpectedly went mad. She stared at Zed with her fierce eyes and said, "John is my colleague. Would it be wrong if we walk out together after getting off work? Only people with such dirty thoughts like you could judge others quickly without trying to know the truth!"

"I have dirty thoughts? Will I mock you if you didn't do something wrong and embarrassing?" Zed coldly asked her while wearing a cold and bitter face.

"You..." Jean felt that she would definitely outrage if she continued to argue with him. "I don't want to talk with you anymore."

After she finished her words, Jean turned her back at him and looked outside the window. She didn't look at Zed at all.

At that moment, Zed became more furious. He felt that his heart had just been stabbed by a knife when he thought about Jean joyfully smiling at John as if no one were around.

He felt great pain when he recalled that man's tender looks which seemed like he was spoiling Jean.

"What are you talking about?" He immediately pinched Jean's chin and forced her to face him.

Jean felt nothing but pain. She passively gazed at Zed, whose eyes were reddish and fierce, while trying hard to not lose her temper.

"Zed, are you mad?"

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