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   Chapter 148 What Was That All About

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"John, here!" Jean stood up and shouted from a distance. John immediately looked for Jean when he heard her.

Maranda was enjoyably eating when she heard Jean called John's name. She startled and got choked by what she had eaten.

John's arrival sent a shiver down to her spine. Maranda's heart beat rapidly, and her eyes showed a hint of embarrassment. Yet, she had no other choice but to look up.

John saw Jean finally. When their eyes met, a smile crept on John's face.

He was about to walk to Jean when he saw Maranda who was sitting opposite to Jean. He abruptly stopped and felt a bit awkward because he thought that Jean was alone there.

John shifted his gaze back to Jean and found that her face was full of hope and sincerity. When Jean smiled at him, John could not refuse her kindness.

While he looked down to hide his embarrassment, John frowned and continued to walk towards them.

"Why did you come to eat so late? I thought that Maranda and I are already late. But then, you came. Since there is no other empty table here in the dining hall, we can share this table with you." Jean warmly invited John and looked at Maranda before she asked, "What do you think, Maranda? Can we share this table with John?" Maranda felt very embarrassed that time. Jean clearly knew what Maranda was thinking about. So, she purposely asked Maranda to make them both feel comfortable.

"Yeah, sure. I won't mind." Maranda stiffly raised her head and took a quick glance at John. Disappointment rose inside her when she found out that John did not look at her.

"Have a seat, John." When she saw that John was still standing there, Jean invited him to sit down. She glanced at Maranda and signaled her to make some moves.

At first, Maranda was confused. But after few seconds, she realized what Jean's glance meant. She hurriedly stood up, sat on the other chair and let John sit on her previous seat.

John was hesitant to sit next to Maranda. He looked around the dining hall and found that there was really no empty table. He wasn't able to find any excuses to refuse Jean's invitation. With no more choice, he slightly sighed and just sat beside Maranda.

He clearly knew that Jean would lose her face if he would refuse her kindness.

'Maranda is my colleague, and we meet in the company everyday anyway.

If I go too far, both of us will feel more embarrassed."

John calmed himself down and thought all the aspects. Then, he typically began to order food. Jean, who sat opposite to John, quickly put all her food in her mouth. While John looked at her, he frowned and worriedly said, "Eat slowly. You might get chocked."

Before John's warning, Jean had eaten well. But when he warned her to eat slowly, Jean really got choked.

Her face immediately flushed. While being embarrassed, Jean picked a g

uld he let that matter go from bad to worse? Don't you think that would hurt her more?" John suddenly raised his head. He stared at Jean and seriously asked her.

"What..." John's question baffled Jean. She took a long while to ponder it.

"I already love someone. So, everyone means nothing to me. And If I can't be with her, then I'd rather choose to be alone. I will never do things that are against my will."

After telling Jean all he had thought, John decisively left even before his food could be served.

"What... What just happened here?" Jean anxiously whispered to herself. "We came here to eat but both of them hurriedly left. And now, I have to pay for all the foods."

Jean suddenly realized something and thought to herself, 'What did John say just a while ago?

He already loves someone?

Who could that girl be?

Are they together?

Oh, gosh! It means that Maranda has really no chance to win his heart.'

Jean got anxious and concerned about Maranda. She went back to the company spiritless. When she arrived at her office, she saw that Maranda bent her body on the desk. Jean did not know if Maranda was sleeping that time.

"Maranda..." Jean walked towards her and gently called her. She put the cake she brought from the dining hall in front of Maranda and said, "I know that you didn't eat well in the dining hall a while ago. So I have brought some cakes for you. Go and have a bite."

"Thank you so much, Jean." Maranda slowly raised her head with her pale face. Bitterness could be noticed in her voice.

"Why did you leave so quickly? I ate fast so I could leave room for the two of you to talk with each other." Jean felt puzzled about why Maranda hurriedly left.

"I knew your intention and so did John." Maranda, who seemed to be feeble, said in a very calm tone.

Jean felt shameful and immediately flushed as her plan didn't work.

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