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   Chapter 147 Okay, My Dear Mrs. Qi

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Maranda felt too sad to say anything more. Suddenly, she sobbed while she covered her face with her hands.

"Maranda…" Jean was shocked. She quickly walked towards Maranda, gently patted her shoulder and said, "Don't cry. If you really like John, then try to make him fall in love with you! Though he rejected you this time, it doesn't mean that he will reject you forever. You have to think about it, Maranda. If you are really sure that you won't fall in love with any other man except John, you should have the courage to try again."

It's the 21th century now. Women chasing after men isn't an unusual thing anymore.

Maranda only expressed her love to John and hadn't taken any action to chase him and make him fall in love with her.

And because they didn't exert effort to see each other except from their working hours, John consequently rejected her.

If she really loved him, then she shouldn't give up so easily!

Maranda, who was consumed by her sorrows, gradually stopped sobbing. She looked at Jean with her red eyes and asked, "Jean, do you really think that John will fall in love with me?"

"You haven't tried it before. You'll never know if you'll never try. Maranda, you are not only beautiful but also kind. No man could ever resist your charm." Jean sincerely said.

"Really?" Maranda was amused and her eyes sparkled after she heard what Jean said.

When she saw that Maranda somehow rekindled the flames of hope in her heart, Jean cheerfully nodded.

"Well, I know that you don't want me to be sad and you only said that to make me feel better. But, you are right. No matter what the result may be, I still have to try. Then, I would not regret because I know that I have done everything to chase the love of my life." Maranda firmly swore.

"That is the Maranda I knew!" Jean admiringly exclaimed. "If you happen to encounter any problems anytime, don't hesitate to ask for my help. I will do whatever I could do to help you."

Jean sympathetically said.

Jean had tried her best to comfort Maranda. Maranda clearly knew that anyone, even Jean, couldn't help her much. Because after all, she would be the one to make her own moves.

But as long as she could ignite Maranda's courage and confidence, Jean was willing to support her.

"You are really my good friend, Jean!" Suddenly, a smile bright

to tease her.

Jean's heart almost jumped out after she heard Zed's words. She quickly hung the phone up in embarrassment. After a while, a joyful smile gradually showed on her face.

While sitting and looking at Jean's facial expression from the opposite side of the table, Maranda knew what was going on. She seized that change to tease Jean and said, "It seems like you are fascinated by Mr. Qi again. I really envy you, Jean."

Jean gently patted her hot cheeks and tried to pretend that nothing had happened. She looked at Maranda and smiled shyly, "The relationship between Zed and I wasn't close before. We got married because of business affiliations. At first, we didn't know much about each other. In fact, we didn't loved each other. But when we got along for quite a while, we learned a lot from each other. It is not until recently that we learn to passionately love each other."

It was very unusual for Jean to share her stories. She purposely said those words not only because she regarded Maranda as her friend, but also because she hoped that those words would encourage Maranda.

Though she still looked unhappy and absent-minded with her furrowed eyebrows, Maranda had firmly decided to chase John again.


After she heard Jean's words, Maranda's eyes sparkled again.

"There is no reason for me to lie to you." Jean said with a smile.

At that time, the waiter who was wearing a formal suit, served the dishes politely.

When Jean was about to start eating, she was surprised to see a familiar figure from afar.

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