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   Chapter 146 Mr. Qi Got Sick

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Jean was not really ready about having a baby yet.

It was true that they were registered as couple and they were lawfully married.

However, they just took their relationship seriously in recent days.

And now that they were really in love with each other, it was just reasonable for them to have a baby.

It was not necessary to plan for a baby intentionally though.

So, maybe it was better let nature take its course.

Zed couldn't do anything but agree. After all, Jean would be the one to conceive the child. He knew that having a baby couldn't be rushed, so he gave up on his desire.

When he saw that Jean was dressed up properly for work, he leaned on the bed and asked her, "Where are you going? It's still early in the morning. Are you going to work?"

"Yes. I have just been on this job for a few months. If I keep on asking for leave, I would end up being fired in no time." Jean nodded and replied. Then, she turned to the mirror and fixed her clothes.

"It would be better if you get fired. If you get fired, you can just stay here at home comfortably." Zed said with high hopes.

"No, Zed. I am still young and I can't afford to waste this time of my life. Besides, I had never thought that I could work with Sonny before. So, I will cherish this moment. Zed, I hope that you are not an old-fashioned man who wish to keep me at home and won't let me do anything." Jean walked towards his side and naughtily winked at him.

"Of course, I am… not." Zed submissively said as he scraped her nose. "Okay then. But you have to take care of yourself. Don't stress yourself out. As my wife, you don't work for money; you only work for fun, " said Zed.

That little woman became too bold that she even tried to trap him.

At that situation, though he was just concerned about her, He would seem to be too tight to her if he won't allow her to go to work.

"Okay. I got it." Jean sweetly smiled after she got Zed's consent. "I need to go now. Have some rest and take care of yourself. I'll be back and be with you right after work."

Jean bent down and enthusiastically marked a kiss on Zed's cheek.

She was about to rise up, but Zed grabbed her and kiss her back pas

d sorrowfully raised her red eyes. She looked at Jean and said, "It is just about my confession. It failed. There's nothing to be ashamed of."

"Your confession failed?

To whom?"

Only John was there a while ago. Was she referring to John? Maranda liked John?

Jean wanted to laugh when she thought about Maranda's strange behaviors every time John showed up.

But she blamed herself immediately for she had never thought of that thing before.

John was the hottest guy in their company. It was just normal for an enthusiastic and outgoing girl like Maranda to fall in love with him.

However, when Maranda confessed her feelings for John, she failed. Unfortunately, he rejected her.

John turned his nose up on such a good girl as Maranda. Anyone could clearly see that he was picky on girls.

"Don't take it too hard. If he doesn't like our beautiful Maranda, then it's his loss. One day, a man that is hundred or even thousand times better than John will be our Maranda's man." Jean sensibly tried to comfort Maranda.

When she heard what Jean said, Maranda burst into laughter. Though, her smiling face looked uglier than her crying face.

"But my heart wants no one else but John. What should I do?" Maranda miserably looked at Jean and muttered, "I had a crush on him even on the first time I saw him. I exerted a lot of effort to keep it as a secret for a long time and waited for a good opportunity to confess my feelings to him, but…"

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