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   Chapter 145 Have A Baby With Me

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When Jean held him from behind, Zed suddenly felt a shiver tingling down to his spine. He turned around looked at Jean with a great surprise.

If his memory served him right, that was the first time that Jean actively yielded herself to him.

Zed was suddenly overwhelmed with a great joy. He turned back quickly, held Jean tight and hurriedly walked towards the bed.

With a lingering smile on his lips, Zed softly whispered, "Jean, do you know that? I have waited for this moment for a long time."

Zed couldn't conceal his excitement. He cupped Jean's shy face in his hands and affectionately looked at her. Then, he slowly looked down at her and gave her a tender kiss.

After they passionately kissed each other, Zed turned over and tenderly held Jean in his arms. Jean also tightly held him.

Jean had scratched Zed's back with her long, sharp fingernails. His back was full of bruises. After she saw that, Jean hurriedly took her eyes off Zed and flushed.

"Are you shy?" Zed teasingly asked her while wearing a smirk on his face. This was his first time to find Jean so active and bold.

"You......" Jean badly wished that she could find a hole and hide herself in it. While she buried her head against Zeds chest, Jean murmured, "I am tired. I want to sleep in your arms."

"Alright then." Zed replied very gently. Then, he held Jean in his arms more tightly.

Feeling comfortable in Zed's embrace, she gradually closed her eyes. After a while, she fell asleep.

On the next morning, Jean woke up earlier than Zed. While Zed was still asleep, she slightly raised her eyes and found that Zed still wrapped her in his arms.

While he was asleep, Jean thought that he was so handsome and looked like an angel.

He even looked more beautiful than other women with his long eyelashes and fair ruddy skin.

Jean unconsciously felt a bit insecure and thought, 'How could he treat his skin so well?'

She couldn't help but stretch her hand out and touch his face.

His skin was so smooth, tender and fine.

It was hard for her not to be insecure when she looked at his handsome and flawless face.

Jean unconsciously pinched his face. As she was about to pinch


After he completed his words, Zed affectionately stared at her.

Jean tried her best to calm herself down. However, she flushed again and murmured, "As soon as possible? But, I can't conceive a child as easily as I wish to."

Apparently, Jean's fuzzy words were completely heard by Zed. He slowly smiled and said, "So, would Mrs. Qi make my mom's dream come true? Would Mrs. Qi give my mother a grandson?"

"No! No!" Jean suddenly felt shocked and turned pale after she heard what Zed said. She hurriedly replied, "We are still young. It's too early for us to have a baby."

'To have a baby?' She just couldn't imagine what she would become and look like if she had to take care of a baby all day long.

Zed was still in his golden age. In addition, he was at the peak of his career. He surely didn't want to have a child that early.

"But I really want to have our own child. What shall we do?" Zed said while he heavily sighed.

'What? Child?'

She had never thought of having a baby.

In her surprise, Jean's eyes turned wide open. She pretended as if she hadn't understood what Zed said.

"Jean, you are my wife and we love each other. Of course, I want to have our own child. But, I just don't know what do you think about it." Zed asked as he stretched out his hands and held Jean in his arms.

"I..." Jean's face eventually turned red. Then, she replied, "Well, about that, just relax and let nature take its course!"

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