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   Chapter 144 Do You Want To Touch Me

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Ethan hurriedly raised both of his hands and seriously swore to Jean.

From his voice, Jean noticed that Ethan had finally realized that it was impossible for them to be lovers again. She finally felt relieved and wore more gentle facial expression. Then, she nodded and replied in a soft voice, "Yeah, sure. We can still be friends."

Though she accepted Ethan's plea, Jean clearly knew that most lovers couldn't treat each other comfortably after they broke up. Jean couldn't offer more to him but friendship.

That moment, she had no choice but to try to appease Ethan temporarily. After all, they would slowly become strangers again.

She was very clear that Ethan would absolutely estrange her first as long as he wouldn't do anything to try to win her heart again.

Jean had been hurt by that ruthless and merciless man.

After he heard Jean's reply, Ethan suddenly smiled and happily said, "Jean, I didn't expect that you would still forgive me. Thank you, Jean. I will love you as what I did before even if we can't be together anymore."

No. He would surely treat her better than before.

He didn't know how important Jean was for him until she had become another man's woman.

'Just forget it!' Jean thought to herself.

When she heard Ethan's confession, Jean turned him down politely. "Ethan, just get over me."

After she finished speaking, Jean restarted the engine of her car and hurriedly drove forward.

'She better send Ethan back as soon as possible.

Wasn't Jean aware of what Ethan was thinking and planning?'

Ethan was very excited all their way back to his house. He was just talking about his wonderful moments with Jean.

Jean could not bear to hear what he was talking about. Yet, she was still trying hard to show a smile on her face.

Finally, they arrived at Ethan's place. Ethan immediately got out of the car.

Jean felt much more relieved at the moment. As she thought about being away from that man and going back home, her mouth gracefully curved and a smile eventually rested on her face. Then, she immediately drove towards Zed's villa.

Jean hurriedly walked towards the door after she parked the car.

When she was about to step into the living room, she heard low-pitched voice that said, "Why did you come back so late?"

Jean immediately looked up after she heard the voice. Then, she found that Zed was idly pressing the remote control while

. But he noticed that Jean's eyes were red when he woke up. That only meant that Jean wasn't able to sleep well because she had been looking after him.

This was also the reason why Zed insisted that he wouldn't stay in the hospital.

Jean could comfortably sleep on their bed if they would just go home.

Jean quickly nodded. She really felt exhausted after she busily looked after Zed that night. After she saw their big and familiar bed, Jean suddenly realized how much she missed it.

Jean threw herself on the bed, heaved a sigh of relief and slowly closed her eyes.

Even when she felt that someone was lying beside her, she still kept her eyes closed. Then, a smile gradually crept on her face.

"Don't be cranky. Just have a good sleep." When she heard Zed's voice, Jean quickly fell asleep. It was as if Zed's voice was magical.

Zed suddenly got up when she saw that Jean was already sleeping.

"What's wrong?" Jean opened her dozy eyes and asked when she noticed that Zed abruptly got up.

"Nothing. Just go back to sleep." Zed's voice sounded a bit weird and depressed. After a while, he stood up and walked towards the window.

Damn it. He felt exhausted, yet he still felt that Jean was so alluring. He felt a great urge to make out with her when she lay beside him.

"It's okay with me if you want to touch me." Jean was not a fool. She discerned why Zed couldn't sleep that time. She stood behind him and affectionately caressed his waist with both of her hands.

That moment, she submissively pressed her cheek against Zed's back. Her heart was beating faster and faster.

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