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   Chapter 143 We Love Each Other

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'Oh, no! Jean is getting angry now.'

Zed screamed deep down in his heart.

He didn't know why Jean's facial expressions had changed so quickly. A few seconds ago, Jean seemed to be very happy. But after a while, her face immediately turned gloomy.

'This woman really have a bad temper!'

Zed felt like being abused by Jean. When Jean snapped at him, he felt very happy. It proved that Jean really cared about him.

"Okay, fine. I won't to go back to the company yet. But I really don't want to stay here in the hospital." While he said those words, Zed eagerly looked at Jean.

Since he was a child, he had always been healthy. Catching a cold was even a rare incident to him.

Thus, he was seldom admitted to the hospital. Moreover, he had never stayed in the hospital for such a long time before.

The last time he had been in the hospital was because of Jean. Jean was admitted in the hospital, and he had to accompany her.

The anguish that was lingering in Jean's heart almost disappeared when she heard Zed's begging voice.

Jean also felt that she was just too anxious that time. Zed's temperature had just gone down. When she heard Zed's plea to go back to his company, Jean felt very worried about his health. The thought that he didn't take good care of himself made her angry. But after a while, she carefully thought about his request. 'Zed only had a fever. It's not really a serious disease. As long as his temperature becomes normal, he can be discharged from the hospital any time.

The doctor recently told me that Zed was just bit weak. If he doesn't really want to stay in the hospital, he could just have a rest at home. Then, I will ask Zelda to cook some chicken soup for him. Perhaps, he would recover more quickly in the house than here in the hospital.'

"Okay!" After she carefully considered all the aspects, Jean finally agreed. She could fully understand Zed's reluctance to stay in the hospital because she also had the same feeling before. "But the moment you are back at home, you have to do what I say. You need to take care of yourself and regain your strength first. Don't work too hard yet, "

Jean seriously said.

"Of course."

Zed quickly nodded. Jean felt surprised and her eyes sparkled when he saw that Zed was beaming in joy.

Zed had always been cold in front of her. He seldom showed his true feelings before. It seems like all men who are sick become childish, no matter how strong they used to be.


"Jean I came here specially for you this time." Ethan looked at Jean's face with deep affection in his eyes. While she was driving, Jean's stern and serious mood made her more charming. Thus, Ethan was so fascinated and couldn't help blurting out.

'He talks about that again!'

Jean immediately frowned. After a while, she parked the car on the parking lane and turned her head to look at Ethan who was smiling ambiguously. Then, she seriously said, "Ethan, I have told you before. I am already married to Zed, and I am very happy now. The hen I just bought is for Zed. I bought it to cook a chicken soup to help him recover his health. So, please don't say those words again. Or else, I won't treat you even as a friend. Is that clear?"

'Did Jean say that she bought a hen for Zed to recover his health?'

Ethan was shocked and felt a jolt of pain in his heart.

'Why didn't I find her good for me when we were still together?

Perhaps, she even treated me better than she treats Zed now. But I ignored all the things she did for me.'

Ethan rekindled the flame of hope in his heart. He suddenly realized that Jean was really a good wife.

'However, everything has changed. It's my fault though. I didn't know how to appreciate and cherish her.

Why was I so foolish before? I only realized that she is such a good woman after Zed got her as his wife.'

"Well, yeah. Don't be mad at me. Since you don't like it, I won't say those words again. I will just hold back my feelings for you. And I promise, I won't cause any trouble to you. Jean, as what you've just said, we can't be lovers again, but we can still be friends, right?"

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